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Riddle of life :)!!!!!!!!!! Reward $1
Created by wizzarD1, 1033 days ago, 1376 views

Which came first? the hen or the egg
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azzromyo1033 days ago

Hi @wizzarD1
i think the hen because the god create all animals so the hen came before the egg

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chakramed1033 days ago

its not important as question no matter who came since both are so yummy ;)

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WolfCrates1033 days ago

Hen. because:
1. Everything is too organized to be a coincidence
2. Somebody out there is rewriting history to own the world
3. This question is a way to create conflicts

here's another 0.02$:
people who doesn't take sides are called the "half-arse" . they're the epidemic of the New World Order. like a donkey that doesn't know where to go.

well food for thoughts!. pick your side.

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dspiegel1033 days ago

The hen ... if you take the Bible literally.

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Dandelion1033 days ago

its the hen

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texasito1032 days ago

i think the hen

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csa_k1032 days ago

Think on Darwin! I'm absolutely sure, that the egg was first, and it was'nt from hen.

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sereno1028 days ago

it's really quite simple, obviously it was the EGG!
if you look at all evolution, all the species found, each one, a system to reproduce their genes in the most effective way. and all the species suffered mutations in order to became the modern animals that we see today. chickens are old animals, direct descendants of dinossaurs, actually they are the closest living relatives of T-REX... as you surely know dinossaurs were here before chickens, and they laid eggs
Eggs were already, and for a long time, a reliable reproductive system to other animals. at the moment of the appearance of chickens, you could, not only, find eggs, but also find egg fossils :-) so, definitely THE EGG!!!!!!


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SetupComputer1026 days ago

The HEN came first!


The reference is here:

Basically, it says that "a protein found only in a chicken's ovaries is necessary for the formation of the egg", thus the EGG cannot come into existence without the HEN.

Besides, it's basic Bible knowledge that God created the animals first even before human beings, therefore the hens came into being first before its egg.


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CoolCat1009 days ago

It's one of the questions that no one knows a definite answer, mystery of history.
I'd say the egg 'cause every creature comes from an embryo. By analogy with an egg we can say that a cat came from a kitten, a dog from a pup etc.

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Alex18041001 days ago

The egg was first here and thats a fact sorry Im from Germany so I cant explain it in english

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Elroath972 days ago

Eggs came first if you are talking about any type of egg. If you are asking about the hen of today and tomorrow it could be first if it was made without a shell in some sort of science experiment or testing. The hen could also come first if it is born without a shell which can happen because of lack of calcium.
I guess it really depends on which shell or hen you are talking about. Are they each other's hen and shell or are they different. Are we talking ancient hens and modern eggs? The reverse? Does any situation apply?
Also strictly from your question I can tell you that the hen came first. Which came first? the HEN or the egg

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Toddzgrl970 days ago

has to be the hen.Otherwise who would feed the chick? it would die and be extinct before it had a chance.

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Bine485943 days ago

sinnlose Diskussion !

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michaelweaser891 days ago

i'm saying the bird , because some egg had an genetic mutation that formed into what we call a chicken.

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Thraciana811 days ago

The egg(s)! The hen (without a rooster) can make eggs but cannot inseminate them.. The embrion(s) evolution is determined by various factors, in terms of freqvency.. forget about the timeline of the such thing (for me). Also observe the image I've shared. If you think outside the box or ouside the Earth you'll get the answer to everything you are ready to comprehend.

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