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The icon of software was lost. how to fix? Reward $2
Created by pastaway, 1543 days ago, 2434 views

How to fix it?
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Alirio1529 days ago

From the picture you sent, looks like you lost the image of the icon. Right click on the icon, click the last option "properties", a window will pop up, choose the button "Change Icon", select the icon from the list. If no icon shows up, choose "Browse" and look the place where wise cleaner was installed. Choose the desirable image to the icon and click open. press OK to the rest of the windows you just opened.

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w14821543 days ago

переустановите приложение

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WiseCleaner_admin1543 days ago

Only need to reinstall wise care 365.

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azzromyo1543 days ago

Hi @pastaway
you will need to uninstall wise care 365 and reinstall it again

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wizzarD11543 days ago

refresh your operating system then reinstall

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chakramed1543 days ago

Hi @pastaway ,

This Prob happen to me many days ago i found this solution to fix it :) this solution for any kind of software not only Wise Products .

How to fix broken icons on windows --->

Hope This helpful

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rfmaniac1543 days ago

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jbushaw141542 days ago

Use this Fix-It program and it should automatically repair the problems for you.

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FixitJorge1541 days ago

Hi! It appears that your iconcash database has become corrupted. But Don't worry because the process is simple as refreshing the icon cash.

1. Open task manager
2. Right click on the process called explorer.exe
3. Click on "end process"
4. Click file then new task
5. Type in cmd.exe
6. Press ok
* Now type this in the cmd prompt...
7. cd %userprofile%\appdata\local
*press enter
*now type this...
8. del iconcash.db /a
9. Press enter
10. You may now Exit cmd prompt
11. Go back to task manager and click file then new task.
* now type this...
12. explorer.exe
13. press ok

Congratulations your icons should be appearing properly now.

There is a program that makes this whole process as simple as one click and can be downloaded here for free

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FixitJorge1541 days ago

The Icon IconCache.db is a database file that Windows uses to keep copies of each icon handy. When Windows needs to show an icon, it uses the copy from the cache instead of retrieving the icons image from the original application file. This helps to make Windows generate the icons faster. But sometimes the iconcash database can become corrupted and will need to be purged. This is known as rebuilding the icon cash database.

If you run into problems of your icons not displaying correctly, the easiest fix is to remove the IconCache.db file from your local file, restarting explorer then rebooting your PC to make the changes.


Open File Explorer > Folder Options > Views to show Hidden System Files. Next, go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local folder and delete the hidden IconCache.db file. Reboot your PC. This action will purge and rebuild the icon cache.

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FixitJorge1541 days ago

I posted two solutions. If you rather not use the cmd prompt then I'd recommend this one as you would only need to navigate to the iconcash.db file and delete it.

Have fun! :)

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biusinous1540 days ago

How to fix broken icons in windows 7

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fraider1536 days ago

Reinstall it, it's best way.

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bladehax1535 days ago

all you have to do is right click on the shortcut and go to the properties and then you will be able to select whatever icon you would like to use for the shortcut.

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Drive01111533 days ago

It is easy and simple, find the program, it should be in the folder "Programs and files" in the drive C, move the cursor and click with the right mouse button, in the opened submenu, hover the cursor over "Send to desktop (create shortcut)" and click the left mouse button. All, new icon will appear on your desktop.

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marsudi1533 days ago

uninstall than reinstall again to perfect result.

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CoolCat1529 days ago

Create a new icon from the executive file of this program. (Go C:\Program Files\...\Wise Care.exe - right click of the mouse - Paste shortcut.

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pastaway1529 days ago

Best and easiest way. THANK YOU !

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