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How to transfer Data from old SD card to a new card in Android device? Reward $2
Created by walcott, 915 days ago, 1262 views

Can I use "copy" and "paste"?
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mehome910 days ago

If your Android device supports OTG cable (viz. if it can find devices connected to microUSB), then you can use Card reader with OTG adapter/cable for one of MicroSD cards, and the MicroSD slot in the Android device for other one. You have to format new card into FAT32 and you can use "copy" and "paste" to transfer your files.

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wedza915 days ago

Yep, but for more silmplicity, you can copy on a PC, that is more simple, you copy the data from the first card in a folder on your desktop then you copy the data on the new card, but for this, you need to have a SD adapter :

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w1482915 days ago

Подключите карту к компьютеру , скопируйте информацию,потом перенесите ее на новую карту.

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wizzarD1915 days ago

once your computer has and sd card slot its simpley just copy and paste

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azzromyo915 days ago

HI @walcott
use SEND TO from the old to the new one


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SetupComputer913 days ago

Of course you can, on a normal PC setup. Do the transfer on Windows though, using a card reader.

In Android, it seems that only some manufacturers give support for multiple file systems (FAT, exFAT, NTFS), like Samsung and LG. If your two SD cards were of FAT Filesystem, then you shouldn't have any problem. FAT is the default filesystem of Android for SD Cards.

However, there are some devices like some Samsung Galaxy Tabs which allows the exFAT filesystem to be intercompatible across multiple OSes, like Windows and Linux Unfortunately, exFAT is not read on many devices, so you might have difficulties if you do the transfer on an Android device without exFAT support.

Other manufacturers also allow the NTFS filesystem. In this case, if your Android device doesn't read NTFS, install Paragon NTFS from Google Play. However, this software requires a rooted device, so you might need to search the net for rooting instructions specific to your device.

If you want to avoid the hassle, just have a card reader then transfer your files in Windows.

Besides, MOST ANDROID DEVICES only have ONE microSD card slot, so a file transfer using two SD cards might be impossible in the first place.


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stefano69911 days ago

Dato che utilizzo uno smartphone android, non ho nessuna difficoltà a trasferire i dati da una sd ad un'altra sd, in più sono aiutato dal PC

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ZzMrXzZ911 days ago

Well, the most easy thing to do is just upload it to the Cloud storage and download it later when you need it dude. Here are some cloud storage for use:

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a67543210911 days ago

Hello @Walcot
Due to the limited space in the internal memory of the phone. The best way would be to copy all your data first onto a PC and then restore it to the new card.

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AnnieChow849 days ago

You can firstly back up the data from your old SD card to pc, and then connect your new card to pc, from which, you can import the data to your android device through the new card from pc.
I think this android assistant can help you very well.

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Gbnnjtg756 days ago

You can install Coolmuster Samsung Backup on your Android phone . Note: To transfer android data to pc ,you need to connect over WiFi.If not, please download and install Coolmuster Samsung Backup on your computer .Driect transfer ,manage data on PC.

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Jcbdber569 days ago

Because involves the data transmission, i would like to suggest you can try using android data transfer tool to complete this task ,There are many online tools,such as Android Data Manager ,,,.it is free to use version, you can try , which is capable for users transfering everything between android and computer /iPhone /android .

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