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Best antivirus software Reward $25
Created by chakramed, 979 days ago, 1530 views

What is the best antivirus software you are using !
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BOTANY69979 days ago

I have more then 22 Anti viruses and tried all of them. Every one has their pro and cons. few names mentioning here.
Norton, Mcafee, panda, ESET, Kaspersky, bitdefender, webroot, avast, AVG, F-secure, trend micro, Iobit, total defense etc etc.

If you have old PC below i3 then you can try.
1. Kaspersky 2. avg 3. avast 4. bitdefender

If you have Pc b/t i3 to i7 you can try.
1. ESET 2. Mcafee 3. Norton 4. panda

in these days Antivirus is not the issue Malware is. The 3 best Malware Programs are:
1. Malwarebytes (BEST) 2. webroot 3. Emsisoft


if you don't care about PC speed then Mcafee is the best program.
Norton is ok but if you get virus Norton program also inoculated.
ESET to much complicated.
IObit try install other softwares.
Trend micro data base is not strong.
PANDA is an average program with good data base.
Kaspersky is light and data base is well.
AVG always popup for some thing.
AVEST bug you a lot.

This is my personal opinion.
If you want to ask me me any is welcome.

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azzromyo979 days ago

Hi @chakramed
i used a lot of antivirus , but now i found avast is the best one
you can also download it from:


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rultanner979 days ago

I use just looking nod 32 trial licenses and never had problems

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GAMER979 days ago

Bitdefender total security AND Kaspersky pure are the best there is.

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blondymaster979 days ago

Hi. I can recommend to you "Avast" free antivirus version or "Kaspersky Internet Security" paid version. If you are a medium user expedited then use additional software combi . "CCleaner" free ver. "WiseCare 365" free ver. "AdvanceSystemCare" free ver. Run weekly in these order and your system maintenance will be optimized.

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igor979 days ago

Qihoo 360 Antivirus - free antivirus antivirus engine with 4: Avira AntiVir, Bitdefender, QVM II and 360 cloud Cloud.

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supaslick88936 days ago

bitdefender total security lab results from antivirus tests prove its best

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Nonakate1805 days ago

avast and smadav antivirus

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ghosthiTs88624 days ago


mcafee suhks

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