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Which kind of smartphone display is best? Reward $2
Created by hollis, 1008 days ago, 1319 views

Which kind of smartphone display is best?
IPS, IGZO, AMOLED or others?
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igor1008 days ago

LTPS (Low Temperature Poly Silicon)provides increased brightness indicator images and reduced power consumption.

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ha141008 days ago

it depends on your eye :)

Galaxy S6 OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out

Comparison of high-definition smartphone displays

Samsung Galaxy S6 has the 'best smartphone display' in the world

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chakramed1008 days ago

Hello , These smartphones have the best screens you can find :

1- Motorola Droid Turbo
2-Oppo Find 7
3- LG G3
4- Samsung Galaxy Note 4
5- Sony Xperia Z3
6- Google Nexus 6
7- Samsung Galaxy S5

NB: depend on your budget

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biusinous1005 days ago

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chakramed1004 days ago

hello ,

try with 1- Motorola Droid Turbo you will never regret

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bladehax1003 days ago

iPhones will always have the best screen due to the patents they have with Gorilla Glass, which prevents cracking or breaking (as best as possible) and also the Retina Display patent, which is an invention they created that makes gives the illusion there are no pixels on the screen itself and it is just one solid image. Apple will always have the best screens for mobile phones for now and maybe for the future too if (which i know they will) they start using this new 4k high definition technology that is beginning to known.

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mehome1002 days ago

Newest(lastest) one of them. Display manufacturers like a Sharp, LG, Samsung, improoves their technologies everyday. At one day the best is Sharp's display, next day is LG's, hereafter Samsung's one, etc.

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yemioke992 days ago

Infinix displays best

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kanoniroff992 days ago

Are you looking for the phone, the screen that shows the excellent picture?
Want to know what smart phones equipped with the best
screens in the world? Especially for such as you had created this list.
Rating TOP 6 is a compilation of the smartphone, the screen that got the highest resolution and pixel density per square inch.
For those who have never heard of such elements, we want to explain briefly that the smaller the pixels, the better the image on the screen. Pixel density is measured in PPI (pixels per inch). The higher the ppi, the sharper the image.
In the ranking presented handsets in 2014, with a pixel density of 530 ppi on per square inch. What would you make it easier to understand, a lot or a little, for example, say that the flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S5 has a density of 432 PPI, but the smartphone Apple iPhone 5 - 325 PPI.
There are different technologies of production of mobile screens. The most common of these is the IPS and AMOLED.
IPS is characterized by a better color richness, lower production costs, the best image of the day, sharper picture and support a higher resolution.
AMOLED screen saves energy consumption, they are thinner and occupy less space in the unit, they provide greater clarity, darker blacks and fast response time.
So there you go!

OPPO Find 7
Chinese phone OPPO Find 7 recently began to appear frequently in our rankings. He has so much on the powerful specifications that it could easily enter the top 10 of the best phones in the world currently. However, today we are talking about a qualitative screen. And it has:
the size of 5.5 inches
resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels
density of 538 pixels per inch ppi
IPS LCD screen technology
colors 16777216
touchscreen multitouch (multiple touches at the same time)
Options: light sensor, proximity sensor, protective screen cover

Google Nexus 6
Funny story, but for Google Nexus 6 has not yet reached the market. About him go just rumors and talk. There are however some people who are working in the electronics industry, and they know more than anyone about phones. And before anyone else. It is thanks to such individuals, we learns the technical characteristics of future gadgets. We have learned that the Nexus 6 will receive one of the best screens among competitors. More specifically:
the size of 5.5 inches
Matrix resolution 1440 by 2560 pixels
534 ppi pixel density
touchscreen multitouch
Options: light sensor, proximity sensor

ZTE nubia Z7
Another "Chinese" in our ranking of the best smartphones with screen 2014. Smartphone ZTE nubia Z7, in addition to a powerful 4 core processor, 4 gigabytes of memory and battery capacity of 3000 mAh, received a remarkable screen. Read more about it:
the size of 5.5 inches
1440 to 2560 points
534 ppi pixel density
touchscreen multitouch
16 million colors
Options: light sensor and proximity sensor

His pride of place in our list of the best smartphones with the highest quality screens took gadget called LG G3. This flagship phone company and it did their best by offering us one of the most powerful, stylish and ideal smartphone. It's not just words - the device is equipped with a 4-core processor, 3 GB of RAM memory, 32 GB of internal memory and battery capacity of 3000 mAh. And what about the display? He received the following characteristics:
5.5 - inch screen
resolution 1440 x 2560 pixels
538 ppi pixel density
IPS LCD technology
touchscreen multitouch
Options: light sensor, proximity sensor and a special oleophobic coating

Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A
This is another version of the flagship phone with advanced features - Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A. This is a more advanced version with more severe specifications. These include: 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked at 805 2.5 GHz, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, 16-megapixel camera and 2800 mAh battery volume.
The Top 5 of the best phones of the ranking this gadget was precisely because of their excellent screen:
5.1 inch diagonal size
1440 to 2560 points
576 ppi pixel density
Super AMOLED technology
colors 16777216
touchscreen multitouch
Options: light sensor, proximity sensor, the protective coating

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
Very fresh phone model Samsung Galaxy Note Edge represents a powerful and modern gadget. Officially presented at the beginning of September 2014 and is punctuated by the user in 2015. With these technical parameters it can easily "hold out" until next year, and all also be among the best.
Buy a smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge can be approximately at the price of 700 dollars.
screen Super AMOLED 5.6-inch
Resolution 1600 by 2560 pixels, 16 million. colors
the pixel density of 524
protective coating Gorilla Glass 3
If you're still in thought what better to choose a smartphone, why do not you buy a phone with a better screen? At least your eyes will be a joy.

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SetupComputer991 days ago

There might be differences with the screen technology you mentioned, but for me these are different names for the same product. Making a new brand name for an old tech is common for these companies so that the consumers are tricked into buying an old technology, thinking that they're getting new tech.

The only measure I approve of as distinction between screen technologies are:
1. Backlight - if LCD (OLD), LED (acceptable), or No backlight or almost no noticeable backlight (Good, like in Kindles)
2. Pixels per inch - more PPI, better.
3. Borders - no borders better
4. Scratch resistance - more resistance (higher mho's scale) is better
5. Pixel-to-touch distance - the lesser the distance the better (imagine a thick glass between your finger and the pixel - it's old)

These are the metrics you should look for in a screen. If you hit GOOD in all five criterias, then it's new tech. Otherwise, it's old tech. Don't believe these companies, they're just over-exaggerating by using catchy names.


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Lyudmila991 days ago

i like BQ Montreal

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ZzMrXzZ990 days ago

Here you go:

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mattluca986 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - for me, it is the best.

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olja225588973 days ago

It depends what you prefer. As far as i know AMOLED shows unnatural colour. I prefer IPS over those.

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nihal29955 days ago

the most populer display type to be honest is iPS , great viewing angles and color exposer works well with gorrila glass 3&4 , i personaly have an ips display phone , it is also battery friendly , good britness , even if you use it at the lowest at room light condition brightness is good saves energy . watching videos with friends is more plesareable . ips is great

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