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Have you watched Star Wars VII? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1341 days ago, 1481 views

Does it or any plot impress you?
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jeetkml1341 days ago

no , I havenot watched Star Wars Vii

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chakramed1339 days ago

well i still waiting to watch it :-(

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SetupComputer1337 days ago

No. It seems that you need to know the plot beforehand or you won't understand where the movie is coming from, that told by my co-worker who's an avid fan.

I already watched two Star Trek movies, and I had a good time.

Maybe you could try watching Star Wars and tell me if it's amazing. :)

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jackyjacky1332 days ago


I watched the latest episode without knowing the previous. I think I got the outline.
I 'd not like to leak cos I found not many ppl here have watched it.

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SetupComputer1332 days ago

Then I'll try watching it. ;)

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rageye011112 days ago

not seen it yet here in uk

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