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Which celebrity do you admire the most? and why? Reward $3
Created by fancylili, 1874 days ago, 4138 views

Which celebrity do you admire the most? and why?
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thegreatcid1874 days ago

Hideo Kojima : Because every generations he revolutionalised the action genre gaming industry. Is name is a label to greatness AND Kojima means god in japanese... I hope a gaming celebrity is acceptable for an anwser...haha i love gaming.

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ZzMrXzZ1874 days ago

Marilyn Monroe: she was a wonderful and hot actress of 1940s. she is known to be versatile female performer and hardworking lady of her times. The duration she used to work in nud-e movies, there were only a few female celebrities to get agreed for those nud-e scenes and movies. I admire her for her work-soul.

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igor1872 days ago

The Austro-hungarian Hungarian inventor Nikola Tesla.Contemporaries biographers consider the Tesla "the person who back the XX century".

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LuluQ1871 days ago

Paul McCartney because he uses his position to make a difference in the world for good, and inspire others to do the same. "Let's change the world." :)

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biusinous1869 days ago

Vivien Leigh. She was an amazing actress, I fell in love with movies thanks to her.

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WiseDave1864 days ago

OSCAR LEVANT is my number one favorite celebrity, EVER

Not only was a genius at playing the piano, but his extremely fine wit, humor and wisdom were staggeringly wonderful. He also wrote a number of really fine novels and compositions. He is, in my most humble opinion, the NUMBER ONE finest interpreter of the piano music of the American composer named George Gershwin.

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butchman1864 days ago

Clint Eastwood , He makes your day.

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SetupComputer1862 days ago

Well, I like Johnny Depp for his MANY FACES. See here:

The movie of him I like most is the series of Pirates of the Carribean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


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armistead1861 days ago

John F. Kennedy because he told the truth... died for it...but told the truth.

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CoolCat1858 days ago

Steven Tyler. He's a great singer, talented musician and very kind man. Jim Carrey for his dramatic roles. John Cusack in 1408 movie, Nicolas Cage.

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