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What are your travel lists for 2016? Reward $2
Created by Vency, 1073 days ago, 1306 views

Do you like traveling, how do you plan to spend your holiday? what are your travel list for 2016?

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ZzMrXzZ1072 days ago

I'd like to come to this place: Guadeloupe

Easier access to wild beauty and a new look at a complicated legacy.
Finally, there’s easier access to the French Caribbean, thanks to the low-cost carrier Norwegian Air’s new direct flights to Guadeloupe and Martinique from Boston, New York and Baltimore. And it’s just in time for Memorial ACTe in Guadeloupe, one of the world’s largest centers dedicated to the memory and history of slave trade, which opened last July in Pointe-à-Pitre. On the site of the former Darboussier sugar factory, the soaring silver lattice-clad space — which some have called the Pompidou Center of the Caribbean — is part of Unesco’s Slave Route Project and houses a interactive permanent exhibit that intertwines the history of slavery with contemporary art covering themes of the African diaspora, plus public genealogy and research libraries, contemporary art and photography spaces and, of course, a bistro overlooking the ocean for that taste of France. From March 4 to 6, Davis Cup tennis fans will descend on Guadeloupe's Vélodrome Amédée Detreaux for the France-Canada match — the first time the country has ever hosted the tournament outside of continental France. And it’s all in the midst of the islands’ verdant, dramatic landscapes and sand beaches.

Or else, take a tour to Viet Nam, I'll buy you a drink! ;)

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igor1070 days ago

1)Five lands of Liguria coast (Cinque terre),Italy.2)Neuschwanstein Castle,Germany.3)Corfu Island, Greece.

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azzromyo1069 days ago

Hi @Vency i want to visit thailand is the best country

hope you like this country like me

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Gervs1024 days ago

I love to travel..but im just short of budget due to my healing expenses but my plan includes taking my family to hongkong Disneyland... manila tour and boracay get away- my travel list for 2016

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aidenstone1018 days ago

My travel list for 2016... last year I took a trip to the Yucatan, the southern part of Mexico, and I liked it so well that I stayed! Merida, Yucatan is perhaps the greatest place that I've ever visited! Fiesta every week, the culture, the arts, and the list goes on! It is safer here than in 90 percent of the USA! A person can walk through the city at 2am without a worry of getting into problems! The nearby beaches of Sisal and Celestsun are clean, pristine, and on a busy Saturday in Sisal I thing there were about 20 people to be seen! The economy here is the best anywhere with an exchange rate of 1 usd to 18 mxn pesos! A 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home, completely furnished can be as low as around 200usd per month! Seriously, if you're considering a vacation, check out Merida, Yucatan! You will thank me forever! THIS place, my friend, is PARADISE!

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DonJuan091015 days ago

I love traveling, it is actually my favorite thing in the world. I´ve traveled many places in the world, but recently i thought that I don´t know my own country enough, I am mexican so it has been my purpose this year to visit different places in Mexico. It is impresive how many beautiful things we have here. Mexico has beatiful beaches, impresive landscapes, delicious food and amazing people. There is alot to explore and to visit, and if you are planning a nice trip, visit Mexico. You won´t regret about it!

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