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Do you wear gloves in winter? Reward $2
Created by Rayna, 1072 days ago, 2121 views

I had never worn gloves this winter since it would be hard to play with phone.
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serezha1048 days ago

Spring is near:) will be warm enough for phone. There are already lots of helpful information ... So my advice: diversify your life, do not close in the electronic world. Look - Winter is the best that has been created by nature. put away your phone and take up skiing, snowboarding or just making a snowman with friends, play in the snow - have fun !!!!!!! there is no snow? went to the skating rink, аrrange a party with hot chocolate and cake, and remember, as a child you do not know what a wireless and Internet ... Live and no gloves is not necessary!

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azzromyo1072 days ago

Hi @Rayna
i wear it but not all the time ,just when i go out

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SetupComputer1072 days ago

Wear a glove to save your fingers from frost bite, especially when outside. Ditch the phone, or ditch your fingers. :)

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thegreatcid1072 days ago

I do smoke and use my cell phone with my coton gloves, still cant do anything if the gloves get wet but it`s bether than nothing. Even without gloves i`m typing with my little finger because the cells are so freaking small today.

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w14821072 days ago

У меня нет перчаток ,но я бы их носил с удовольствием

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ZzMrXzZ1071 days ago

No, because in my country, winter is not cold enough to do so lol. By the way, wearing gloves give me a lot of troubles in holding things.

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sir_goweb1066 days ago

Hi @Rayna
You can easily find on the most populare e-commerce web site gloves that can be used for smartphone too (they call "touch gloves"). It's really important to dress gloves because they defend your hand-bones from the cold.

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zizou1065 days ago

Yes hops can wear in the winter because the cold air

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LuluQ1064 days ago

I switch hands, smoke with one and keep one warm.

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Jaycobe1064 days ago

I like to play snowballs and make snowmen with my friends, so I always wea rgloves)))

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biusinous1063 days ago

Yes, you can wear gloves and play mobile phone this kind

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jcaitlin2211059 days ago

I get the fingerless gloves, it makes doing things easier, including playing with your phone. I have some that are strictly fingerless and some that have a little mitten thing that folds up over the hand and can be flipped over your finger if they get cold.

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zizou1059 days ago

Yes you must wear gloves in the winter cold weather

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makks941058 days ago

You can also try some touchscreen gloves ,them are pretty cheap ,and you can find them easily on your local computer store or a shopping mall :)

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armistead1055 days ago

I wear latex gloves don't get wet still use my fingers.

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LukaK1049 days ago


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kanoniroff1049 days ago

Top Gloves Laika. They will be comfortable. Laika is obtained from the skins of dogs, lambs and kids aluminum tanning. These skin may be white or colored, have increased softness, elasticity and ductility, beautiful appearance. However, these low water resistance of leathers, after wetting and drying they become rigid.

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didi231040 days ago

I prefer more mittens than gloves. They give more warm)

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