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Which music genres are popular nowadays? Reward $2
Created by timeis, 1108 days ago, 1523 views

Hip Hop? electronic?
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JihadiJon1102 days ago

Though they aren't my favorite, I'm going to have to say Rap and Hip Hop are definitely the most popular genres of music in America and most parts of the world right now. So many new artists are coming out with new material now, I'm tempted to say almost more than ever before.

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azzromyo1108 days ago

Hi @timeis

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Gaia1108 days ago

For America, Rap is the hottest.

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Romanoff821108 days ago

Disco. Not so long ago he was the most popular genre of dance pop. It is inherent in the abundance of effects, the leading role of the rhythm section of drum and bass, as well as secondary, background sound of string and wind instruments.
TRANS. He is one of electronic music genres and is notable for its high emotional impact on the listener. This effect is achieved by the use of sad, "space" melodies.
House. The so-called dance, completely electronic music. The main and only instruments is the synthesizer. The distinguishing feature of this genre is the presence of looped musical phrases and soloing melodies. Widely used effects.
Techno. In one sentence you can say that the futuristic music of the big city. To the characteristics of techno are fantastic melodies, dark metal sound, cold, devoid of emotion vocals.
Funk. One of the dance genres, which has clearly highlighted the dominant over all other instruments drums, low melody, "sloppy" rhythm.
New wave. A genre of popular music that have evolved from punk rock and uses the same musical means.
Hard rock. It literally translates as "heavy, hard". This style is not casual has this name because its sound is consistent, as it is called. Heavy hard rock is achieved through a dominant sounding loud and powerful rhythm section over the other instruments. In most cases, the "heavier" drums, bass or rhythm guitar. In hard rock often used effects Overdrive and Distortion.
Pop-rock. Popular rock. This style has good balance, using all sorts of effects and popular arrangements. A pop rock can be attributed to any rock music, which is intended for a wide audience of listeners.
Folk-rock. This is rock music with elements of folk music.
Punk rock. To this genre is deemed rude, often unprofessional, but expressive music, which is characterized by simple, unpretentious, but shocking tunes.
Psychedelic rock. Complex, unconventional music full of different effects. This music has a high level of emotional impact on the listener.
Heavy metal is called metallic music, which often is hegemonically. It is far from the usual standards.
Trash. This is a very hard genre, which is inherent in the complexity and continuity of melodies, and improvisation.

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FixitJorge1108 days ago

Dubstazz bro, its the best most new popular upcoming Genra in music ever!

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landing1108 days ago

Sounds good. Thanks!

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olja2255881105 days ago

i think this genres are popular: indie pop, indie rock, alternative rock, electro, pop music

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samer9941105 days ago

in my opinion are hip hop

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