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Do you believe in Buddha? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1347 days ago, 1564 views

If it could give you calmness and relaxation?
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w14821346 days ago

Всегда нужно верить в кого нибудь

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azzromyo1347 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky no,at all

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SetupComputer1346 days ago

I think that question is better off in religious sites than here. There is no criteria here for Religion and Spirituality. @WiseCleaner_admin , you might like to check this out.

These types of questions will bring a discussion in the differences in religious beliefs, and may lead to results like mudslinging, hate speeches, blame games and so on. I hope you understand, @jackyjacky .

I hope the Admin will settle this. :)

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Razsaheel1345 days ago

If anybody knows anything about Budhha. Then he must recollect his first and foremost teaching. That All mystical questions are not a matter of belief or trust; BUT A MATTER OF RESEARCH, and a must know pursuit. Of course ! Once we know the answers to the questions which perturbs us most; peace and tranquility returns to us.

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