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Which book changed your life or brain? Reward $2
Created by echozeki, 1348 days ago, 2443 views

Let's talk about which book is important to you!

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jackyjacky1348 days ago

Not sure.I'd like to listen to others.

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matkins608711348 days ago

I read a book as a teenager called the Naked Ape, changed my outlook on who we are and where we stand in the animal kingdom and the whole scheme of life and existance.

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tentecu1348 days ago

This book

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Ezra1348 days ago

Original Jungle Book

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scipio1347 days ago

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ZzMrXzZ1345 days ago

I love books. I was once reading the book "My Experiment With Truth" by Gandhiji.
When I was reading it I came to a page where it was printed the Britishers came to India how Indians fought for freedom, how many leaders died, how many people lost their life, how India got independence, the struggle for freedom by Gandhiji through non violent methods& how Netaji fought through violent methods. After reading this book I realized we should not fight with others and always be happy and let be others happy. And thus, after following these I now having a life which is forever changed and happy. My hearty thanks to all who have got us freedom.

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FARFROMPUKEN441345 days ago

''Valley of The Dolls'' It taught me to expect the un-expected. To look into peoples motives, and to ask more questions. It also taught me how to brag about women when I was a teen when I had no idea what it was really like at that time. Gave me insight to how Holly Wood really works. Really it jump started my adult imagination, whether that be for the good of my mind or for the bad.. I have no clue. Really people are gonna be people and we all share a basic drive about ourselves that some people hide because people are strange... This world takes all kinds and that book taught me a lot about different kinds of people. People, it taught me are important.. Not things but people.

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sir_goweb1341 days ago

Hi @echozeki
The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido
by Morihei Ueshiba

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LuluQ1338 days ago

Think On These Things, J. Krishnamurti
1981, George Orwell
Holy Bible
Irrational Man

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Pingastron7401338 days ago

Pirate cinema- gave a whole new perspective on copyrighting and how much it corrupts our nation everyday-more of a ya political book

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texasito1338 days ago

I like reading reading scientific books

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keinthepainter1337 days ago

" Pride and Prejudice "

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biusinous1337 days ago

In this breakthrough bestseller, you'll see scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, obsessiveness, or impulsiveness could be related to how specific structures in your brain work. You're not stuck with the brain you're born with. Here are just a few of neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen's surprising--and effective--"brain prescriptions" that can help heal your brain and change your life:

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WiseDave1332 days ago

This question resulted in an answer which is an almost EXACT tie between two books:

1) The Holy Bible

2) The Fourth Dimension, by Mr. Randy Rucker

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WiseDave1332 days ago

SORRY - That authors name is RUDY RUCKER, NOT Randy Rucker

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zizou1332 days ago

Neuroscientists believed that reading the book "To kill a Mocking bird" can make the brain is believed to be living in the reality of events experienced by the literary characters between the pages of this book.

Researchers have found biological changes in the brains of people who were asked in one of the experiments read books. The aim of this experiment prove that some accounts could have a significant impact in the brain. What was the result?

These scientists found that successful moving story can be attached in the memory of the reader strongly as if the events of the story that he lived by himself.

Said Professor in Neuroscience Gregory Burns, of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia: "stories make up our lives, and in some cases help to identify the person. We wanted to understand how stories affect the brain, and what to do with it."

"The neurological changes that we found associated with sensation and movement of physical systems indicate that reading a novel can make the reader is embodied in the protagonist. We already know that good stories can make you feel like you're the last person figuratively, but now we see that none of this can also that happens biologically. "

Some stories are so powerful that they may permanently change the way the brain reader, and that the findings of the study. We can see the effects of nerve for several days after the volunteers stopped reading books.

The researchers recruited 21 students to read the best-selling novel "Pompeii" the British writer Robert Harris, over 19 consecutive days at a time in which the one who had been watching their brains.

Students underwent after the completion of the reading of the exam to make sure they actually Aqraaa book which tells the love story of a fictional spin in the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed the Roman city conditions.

The results of monitoring the work of the brain have shown that changes in brain function while reading remained constant readers at least five days after the completion of reading the story.

The most affected areas of the brain were those that dominate the left temporal cortex that affect "the ability to understand the language."

Reading also increased as the activity and function of the brain that connects thoughts acts. It's part of the brain that makes you, for example, want to go out for jogging when you consider that the running.

Professor Burns added: "The question remains, how long it lasts this neurological changes? Our selection of some novels randomly certainly suggests that the impact of the novel that he loves the reader can be greater and longer-lasting on the biology of the brain."

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marsudi1329 days ago

biography books can change your life if you want to move on

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oxana1329 days ago

textbooks and scientific literature - life change, and act on the brain

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kanoniroff1326 days ago

Hi echozeki and all others. Stated practical meaning of the doctrine as the authors say, is that the person setting the conscious control of its intentions and its attitude to the world, is free to choose a scenario of reality at will. [1] More precisely, every person in any way he chooses his own reality, based on their outlook, and it is thus crucially it (indirectly) reflection; but to most people it happens involuntarily. Key phrase: "Reality exists independently from you. As long as you agree with this. " Vadim Zeland leads a secretive life. Little is known about his biography, he almost did not talk to the press. He basically said that his biography can not represent any interest because he is not a creator Transurfing, but only random relay knowledge of ancient civilizations gone into "other worlds." His book, the author writes, is not consistent, and excerpts from different chapters. Vadim Zeland argues that none of his friends and close associates does not even know what he has written books on Transerfing (suggesting that Zeland - a pseudonym).
I hope that you'll like this book. Best wishes.

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Alirio1326 days ago

"Your Erroneous Zones" by Wayne Dyer, 1976. it´s a self-help book that can change the reader's attitude to see the world.

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nuklin1246 days ago

"who moved my cheese" by Spencer Johnson gave me a boost in life, generally. How I reason and more especially, how I perceive a change and adapt to the change. You'd like it too. Good luck.

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Toorum_1242 days ago

Don Juan Matus and KO

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