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How to backup my computer before sending for repair? Reward $2
Created by scipio, 1476 days ago, 2226 views

My computer had some hardware problems, need I to backup?
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E1_Capitan1476 days ago

Create an image backup of your hard drive or SSD. That way, if the professionals wipe your hard drive and reinstall Windows from scratch, you can restore all of your data files. And if they really mess things up, you can restore Windows to the way you had it set up before you sent it to them.

But be warned: If they had a good reason for reinstalling, restoring everything from the image backup could restore the problem that caused the necessity for repair in the first place. Check with the repair people to see if they think this is a good idea.

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mous_71476 days ago

Find another support (USB, external disc) on wich you will copy all your files and keep with you.

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walcott1476 days ago

Use Backup and Restore Option

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ha141475 days ago

try AOMEI Backupper
Choose the drive or partition to back up, the destination drive, and a click later Backupper will be creating an image for you.

Redo Backup and Recovery
you need to download the software ans make a cd? boot from it to launch a simple tool which can back up your drives, and restore them later (even if Windows won't start).

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SetupComputer1473 days ago

@scipio ,

Remove all illegal content (pirated movies, cracked games and software products, hacking tools, and the like). Illegal content in your hard drive can incriminate you to serious legal proceedings.

The repair shop has the right to report you to the Authorities if they suspect that you patronize illegal contents.

Also, remove your passwords, account details and other personal information regarding schooling, social media, banking, etc.

Also, remove private content like videos showing intimate moment, etc.

Remove other stuff which will make your life more difficult suppose another person is to find it.

Other than those, backup your files by copy pasting on an external drive, or use Windows Backup to automatically do the backup for you.

Always assume that there are scrupulous repair shop attendees that will take delight in pondering your private data. They may even extort you for obtaining those. Cheers!

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ZzMrXzZ1472 days ago

I think you should. However, remember to save your back up files on non OS driver or else everything will be lost if something happen.
Futher advice, just take it to the repair shop and ask the repairer if you need to back it up or not. Maybe they can also back up your file instead. Just tell them what you need to keep and they will make it safe

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calcifer1469 days ago

You just need take the hard disk out,I'm not joking.It's very easy

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scipio1469 days ago

my computer is tablet.

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