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Created by Rayna, 1076 days ago, 1427 views

How to look good in a selfie?
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stefano691076 days ago

Per un selfie da favola bisogna avere un ottimo telefono, una bella giornata, ed una compagnia da sballo

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Romanoff821076 days ago

1.Find the best coverage.
There is nothing worse than to see your face a dark shadow, says photographer and blogger - Kandis lake (Candice Lake). "If you are in doubt about the light, get up or, conversely, back to the sun. If you are photographed in the middle of the day and the sun is at its Zenith, then watch for the shadow on the face didn't look as dark circles under the eyes. The most beautiful time for removing the photo - sunrise or sunset when the sun is not very bright, but beautiful in its shades". If you wanted to take the selfie in the room, beauty-blogger - Mikel Feng (Michelle Phan), ideal to go to the window. "The natural rays of the sun, streaming through the window, will help you to make a pretty picture. Another option is to take a white sheet of paper and place it under the chin. This will help brighten your face and reduce the double chin effect".

2.Take a look at yourself.
"Show me a real smile and not one photograph will come out bad," says the professional. Or, if you're going to do more serious photo, try to smile with my eyes. In General, practice in front of a mirror!

3.Avoid cliché.
The most important rule: if your picture looks like a photo of a teenager - delete! "Of course not worth it for a perfect selfie to create makeup Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) called "Lips are everything," says makeup artist Nick Baros (Nick Barose), which has considerable popularity in Instagram through its publications a La "silly, but beautiful." In most cases, we choose a standard pose for photos, as we feel more confident at a certain location of the face or body. But try, nevertheless, to dilute and change the scene to something unusual, for example, a lake would come from the camera lens, and then quickly go back and take a picture. So you'll have less time for posing.

4.Fix posture. Or six.
"Not everyone knows which position is best suited to the structure of his body or face in particular," said Baros, who recommends to shoot numerous photos at different angles. "I find "her". For most of us the best angle to take a selfie - a little above head height. It is not necessary to look directly into the camera.

5.Use the correct filters and applications.
"I usually use a filter, softening the shades of colors. In my opinion, this is the best filter, because it all look great," says the photographer.

6.Watch for the background.
The best selfie out on extraordinary background, by the way.

7. Don't overdo it.
Remember all our tips, arm them and then just relax! If you will be too try, then a good selfie certainly will not succeed! You don't want to get a serious photo?

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igor1076 days ago

Photograph yourself from below up.

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azzromyo1076 days ago

Hi @Rayna
watch this:

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