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What is the difference between BIOS and Kernel? Reward $5
Created by christine, 1242 days ago, 5237 views

Confused about the difference between BIOS and Kernel? Any advice?
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Simple1236 days ago

1. Everyone above me already explains "kernel" concept, here are some image that may helps you understand kernel more.

Kernel are exist in every operating system (

Windows 8 and Android architecture with Kernel as basis (

iOS architecture (


BIOS defined (

This where BIOS and Kernel located in a computer (or device). (

3. Difference
As you can see in the image above, It gives us a simple explanation of where Kernel and BIOS located. In a short way, BIOS runs how your computer parts acts, while Kernel manage how computer parts and software should work harmoniously (It's like a conductor in a band).

Hope it answer your question. Cheers

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orodlram1242 days ago

BIOS is the motherboard software that is stored on a ROM chip on the motherboard. Kernel software that manages input/output requests from software.

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mytestuser11242 days ago

BIOS (basic input/output system) is hardware-based configuration prior to booting the operating system.
Kernel is the heart of the operating system. It only knows how to fetch lowest-level instructions and perform primitive operations on binary data.

Refer for more details..

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azzromyo1242 days ago

Hi @christine
BIOS is hardware-based configuration prior to booting the operating system.
Kernel is the slave-like heart of the operating system. It only knows how to fetch lowest-level instructions and perform primitive operations on binary data.
Good question. This applies to any "computer" and operating system


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88_Rx1242 days ago

For "normal" folks, the correct answer is, WHO CARES"?

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ha141242 days ago

@christine The kernel is a program that constitutes the central core of a computer operating system. It has complete control over everything that occurs in the system. The kernel is the first part of the operating system to load into memory during booting (usually loaded into a protected area of memory to prevent it from being overwritten), and it remains there for the entire duration of the computer session because its services are required continuously. The kernel connects the system hardware to the application software and responsible for process and task management, memory management and disk management. The kernel can be easily replaced or upgraded by changing or upgrading the operating system.

The BIOS (basic input/output system) is an independent program stored in a chip on the motherboard that is used during the booting process for such tasks as initializing the hardware and loading the kernel into memory.. the BIOS contains all the code required to control the keyboard, display screen, disk drives, serial communications....The BIOS is specific to its particular hardware.

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mikexfctr1241 days ago

seriously unless your into repairs and configuration don't worry about it. with modern computers there really is no need to.

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FARFROMPUKEN441241 days ago

guess your answer simply is BIOS is hard ware and Kernel is software..

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harpo011238 days ago

Hi mytestuser1,

Bios is an acronym for your basic input/output system(Bios, ROM Bios, or PC Bios) This is a type of firmware which is used during your computers start up process (Booting up).

Kerel is your main or essential module of your operating system which is the first thing to be loaded on your computer and remains in the main memory of your computer. I believe it connects applications first, software, to hardware of computer.

Applications -> Kernel ->CPU -> Memorey-> Devices

Hope this helped.

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victorcu1231238 days ago

Micrograph quad-core Intel code-named Nehalem. Allocate a separate kernel, shared third level cache and QPI links to other processors and shared memory controller

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m1d11236 days ago

When you turn on your computer the BIOS is checking all connected devices keyboard, mouse, hard drive, gfx cards. etc. if they are technical OK and connected properly. There a bios beep codes to give you a clue what hardware piece is not working (like 1 Long, 2 Short = Video adapter failure).

Later when booting the OS after the BIOS init'ed the Kernel is mounting devices according to the bios info to your OS, is managing process priority scheduling etc.

Finally the BIOS is OS independent, stored on a battery powered ROM chip on you motherboard and ultra low-level, while the Kernel is OS dependent and stored on your harddrive. Win. and OS X are using a hybrid kernel while linux is using a monolithic kernel.

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gaiti1235 days ago

Think in terms of "where" as opposed to "what" The BIOS lives in your motherboard.
The kernel lives in your boot drive. If you dual boot your computer, you are still using the same bios regardless of which kernel you boot up.
You can also think in terms of "when" as opposed to "what" The BIOS has to be completely up and running before your kernel can begin to boot. Your BIOS couldn't care less about your kernel. It will happily display your CPU temperature forever should you choose not to boot a kernel.

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