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What kind of Christmas gift is special and will be a surprise? Reward $2
Created by NickPinkman, 1088 days ago, 2272 views

When I asked her"what do you want for Christmas gift", she said she want a surprise. What should I buy for her?
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azzromyo1088 days ago

Hi @NickPinkman
Diamonds are a women’s best friend, as the saying goes—though this could also be said of jewelry in general. Jewelry makes for unique gifts, as they have the ability to express the sentiments of the giver, while fulfilling the wants and personality of the receiver.
so try to select for her from this:

or i have another suggestion
fragrance and skin care

see here:!11055981%2Cn%3A11060451&rnid=11055981&tag=giftwbeauty-20&linkId=BXOGHELVIGUR6Z35
for me i bought a fragrance
hope this helped you and good luck

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Givi1087 days ago

не надо думать ,что хочет она.выбирай для неё как для себя, это и будет сюрприз

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DY1084 days ago

The Face Shop Holiday Love Edition Hand Care Set

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ryanaxis1083 days ago

for me a special gift like a giver is personally buy the gift to be given.

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jennyjonson1082 days ago

No gift is better than a Warm Hug in this winter...! try that

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harpo011079 days ago

Hi NickPinkman, may be a trip to Paris, or Rome, or Channel perfume my favorite is No 5, or Christian Dior, or levion chocolate diamonds you can always find a good deal on eBay or amazon, the amape for pedicure to smooth away dry calluses and ruff skin, a day at the spa with the full package, and if you live where there is snow a good old fashion sleigh ride in a horse drawn sleigh through the park, after dinner out and a very elegant diamond neckless to finish the night. or a beautiful mink coat, or a lovely set of pearls, or a car, or kitten, or dog like a Lasa opsa, shiatsu, or pug or a Pandora bracelet.

hope this helps

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alvindgreat1078 days ago

Hi @NickPinkman Buy her a ring. Propose to her. For me, that will be the best and most memorable surprise and Christmas gift ever; to that special "her" you are referring to.
High five.

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kattypretty1060 days ago

all kind of jewellery

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aidenstone1016 days ago

Well, it's obviously too late for last Christmas but now at least you will have time to think about NEXT christmas! (by the way, did she like your last gift?) When a lady says "Surprise me!" what she's really saying is "You know what I want because I've hinted a gazillion times!" but sometimes she really does want you to just use your imagination. Find out what she likes, her personality.. and you may think that you know these things but don't count on it! A woman is complex, deep, sensual, and really wants to be appreciated. Nothing shows her that you realize all of this more than givng her a gift that is truly close to her heart. A music box, a doll from her child-hood era, a framed picture of her favorite outdoor place in the world, a teddy bear wearing a necklace that you bought for her, or even the promise to be nice to her parents! In any case, be sure that you take her out for a really awesome dinner somewhere, and to see "The Nutcracker" or something similiar, show your love... and please, don't make her pay for the meal and the entertainment!

Happy belated or early holidays!

By the way.... this goes as well for any occasion, or no occasion at all!


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