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Any tips to install a printer under Win 10? Reward $2
Created by jackyjacky, 1361 days ago, 1835 views

Maybe I would meet trouble. Not sure. I'd like to buy a printer .

Hi, all, Merry X'mas and Happy new year.
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Pat19391361 days ago

Most printers now days come with an installation disk. It is a simple process to set up. I recommend Cannon Pixma all in one as they are cheap to buy and reasonable to run. Any model would suit.

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chrizz2k101361 days ago

the most new printers get their drivers from online databases.
you only plug in the usb cable and Windows do the rest.

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Aronik1361 days ago

windows 10 has a feature of compatible mood. You just click right button upon your printer setup icon and then select properties and then click compatibility and then choice run compatible for windows 7 or any other etc.

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ha141361 days ago

@jackyjacky 1) Go to control panel (ALL CONTROL PANEL ITEMS)

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Woodkid111361 days ago

Hey @jackyjacky

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Don't worry about meeting trouble. Printers come with an installation disk. If you meet trouble, Microsoft website explains very well how to download a printer's driver.

Hope that this will help ;)

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MOYJO1360 days ago

Установить принтер под Win 10 поможет обращение к разработчику принтера. На сайте разработчика должны быть драйвера под Win 10.

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harpo011358 days ago

Hi @JackyJacky I have a Brother printer and it is an older model an MFC model like mine which is at least 8 years old, when I got done down loading windows 10 my printer was not able to be used, it gave me an error code, drivers needed to be updated in order for it to work on windows 10. I had the soft ware, and windows 10 did not recognize the soft ware, and it would not install the printer on my computer. I had to go to the Brother web site, put in the name of your printer and it will give you a list of up dated drives, you have to match your printer name, and number (example) mine is a Brother MFC-5890CN, I had to find this number on the list of drivers and down load it then go to the control panel, find add hardware, speakers, and click on it, the add printer and follow the directions from there, or on the bigger models like mine, or sharp, it will have like fax machine etc. on the face of printer, you can also go into the menu which is located on the face of the printer panel select it, and look for update among your tabs on the printer, select it, and it will update the drives to windows 10, then go to control panel hardware, add printer, and follow the directions. I hope this helped because it can be confusing.

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Tankkiller1358 days ago

You can get one pretty easy if you have the money, and if you want to attach it to your computer all you have to do is open "control panel", click on "hardware and sound", then click on "add a device".

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Kavaibhser1356 days ago

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SetupComputer1356 days ago

Actually, Windows 10 is pretty scary that it will automatically find drivers for you right off the bat as soon as you connect to a device. It's even scarier since if you choose to share printers on the network you connect, it will also install the necessary drivers. So, just buy the printer and don't worry at all about the driver. I just bought an HP deskjet printer and I didn't even need to install the driver in the DVD it came with since it was installed automatically. I don't know if it will work automatically on all models, but more or less if you buy a common brand (HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, etc.) and a recent model, it will.

Anyways, almost all printers come with a DVD for the driver, and I'm quite positive that things will work out all right.


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mikexfctr1355 days ago

load drivers first with no printer - either download or use cd. plug in printer when software is loaded. follow screen prompts - start printing.

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88_Rx1355 days ago

Installing hardware was never that difficult, and it's only gotten easier over time. Go buy your printer, plug it in and it will walk you through the process, I doubt you'll have any serious issues...

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FARFROMPUKEN441354 days ago

create a folder on your desktop and rename it to this GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. All your win10 functions are in a neat place the open and scroll down til you see advanced printer set up.. more options available there as well.. ;) include everything in the rename from the G to the period..

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jackyjacky1354 days ago

To all ,

Thanks so much for your help! It seems not difficult. I'm not worried now. Happy 2016!

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gmailhelp1216 days ago

Any tips to install a printer under Win 10?
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zenyenam1126 days ago

You can download printer drivers and software in website :

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