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can i create my private program to count my goods? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1858 days ago, 1943 views

can i create my private program to count my goods?if yes , can you help me
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Aronik1858 days ago

Hi azzromyo, It is very possible to make a system that count your goods digitally. But we have to know what type of necessity of you. There two possible condition. One is to make a machine that is able to mark and count your goods automatically. For this purpose you have to spend a good amount of money. On the other hand if you give input of your goods by yourself then it is very easy to make a software to count your goods. Many software programmer can write such type of software any time according to your demand. So now it is your decision what to do.

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azzromyo1858 days ago

yes , i want to mark the goods by me i mean manually , friend i want software that i can count the goods that's all

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88_Rx1857 days ago

I don't even understand the question, "goods"?

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WiseCleaner_admin1856 days ago

What kind of goods? Please let others clearly know what you mean.

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azzromyo1856 days ago

Hi , thanks to all the kind of goods is Electric home appliance parts

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victorcu1231844 days ago

Why invent the wheel. I do not know how you .We have 1-C program and it works in all areas of trade

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zrodfects1734 days ago

There are various barcode labels that use scanners, this is one good way, there are also super sensitive scales that can count the lightest thing that most scales can not.. I have used both of these on previous jobs, as far as scales for counting was my favourite, you weigh an object, sometimes if it is too light, you put in say 10, on the digital display you enter 10 units, this calculates to the final decimal possible, now you throw a million more parts in and it counts it instantly via sensitive weighting measures, you remove one to see if the count drops by one to see if it works, it was actually quite interesting....

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