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Created by Igotthis, 1038 days ago, 1202 views

I've heard that microwave would cause cancer. Would it? I intend to buy a microwave because I love baking but I am not sure if it harms our family or not so I want to ask you guys first.
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Deepblue1038 days ago

No. Microwaving doesn't alter food in any way that could make you sick. All a microwave does is spur the water molecules in your food to move, and the friction of those molecules heats up your meal. The ovens do generate a tiny magnetic field, but there's very little evidence that such a field poses a problem for humans. What's more, there's an easy way to avoid any potential harm—step back when the oven is on.

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azzromyo1038 days ago

Hi @Igotthis
read this topic carefully and i am confused about using microwave after i read it :

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ha141038 days ago

Microwave ovens heat food by producing radiation which is absorbed by water molecules in the food. This makes the water molecules vibrate and produce heat, which cooks the food. microwave ovens don’t give off enough energy to damage the genetic material (DNA) in cells so they can’t cause cancer

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SetupComputer1037 days ago


I don't think that the microwave oven itself causes cancer to humans, BUT THE LOW-QUALITY FOOD AND LIQUID CANISTERS one is using with microwave ovens.

I frequently heat up food and milk in a microwave oven, and I always remember to use "microwave-oven safe" canisters. Usually, this tag is written in canisters applicable for microwave oven use.

I prefer using fine porcelain in heating up something inside a microwave oven, than plastic. I heard in the news that using plastic canisters in a microwave oven is what causes cancer, so I avoid plastics in microwave oven.

Second, when I use a microwave oven, I step back when the microwave oven starts functioning, since we humans are made of more or less 70% water, and microwaves heat things by stretching the hydrogen atoms in the water molecule (H2O) from 108° separation to approx. 180°, then releasing it back like a spring.


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ourlife1037 days ago

Yes !
you have the right to worry for your health.
However the risk is very low.
It just depends on you:
you must take some precautions like the use of plastic, aluminum, ...
these materials decompose under the effect of heat and undergo transformations that pose a risk

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Tankkiller1025 days ago

Hi @Igotthis Microwave ovens don't give off enough energy to damage the genetic material in your cells so they can't cause cancer. Microwaves heat food, but do not make any changes to it that aren't made in any other cooking method. So you will be fine. :D

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stormysarge1025 days ago

For starters, you cannot bake in a microwave. You would want an oven or toaster oven for baking. And secondly, although microwaves produce radiation, it is the same type your toaster uses to create toast, and the waves are contained by the microwave door, so there is no need to fear getting irradiated.

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jbushaw141008 days ago

First of all, I have no idea where you heard such a ridiculous comment. What others say isn't always true, even on the Internet. Two, there is no radiation given off of microwaves when they cook food.

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Ruberoid78993 days ago

You can buy it but get out of the kitchen while you warming something in it. Don't warm the milk or some beverages for your children in it. This simple rules will keep your family in safe.

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Gervs965 days ago

its just bad propaganda to microwave- it cant cause cancer- those who got cancer lack great amount of nutrients in their body to activate the anti cancer agents- :) everybody has cancer cells- the problem start when your body cannot defend its attack mainly because it lacks nutrients to power up the anti cancer agents- and btw baking in microwave produce not so good result because it sucks the moisture of the recipe :(

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nihal29946 days ago

relax , it does not cause canser , it will make your food warmer , they are desgined so to deliver radiation to food which is in low amount, i have never heard about a baker having cancer due to microwave. just buy a microwave start baking now and eat healthy.

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