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problem in my computer Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1866 days ago, 1762 views

When I turn on my computer I hear crackling sound and no matter how I tried to know where it is but i didn't know

my computer still new i bought it last three month ago ? what can i do ? AND DID THIS CRACKLING SOUND AFFECT
the parts of computer please help me
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Seer1866 days ago

My guess would have to be the hardrive. However, they are known for a "thud thud thud thud* sound when they are failing.

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justdok1977Needfunds1866 days ago

the crackling sound might be the computer about to overheat with the fan turned on if you want to find out boot wise care and look at computer usage and heat icon next to the miscellaneous program startup menu

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Okara1866 days ago

It could be that the speaker is loose somehow?

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azzromyo1866 days ago

@Okara dear i check the speaker it works fine i think it is the hard disk's fan

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Draken_Uk1866 days ago

Is there some reason you cannot return it for replacement?
Did you purchase it without a guarantee?
You say you've ruled out a problem with your speaker so this crackling sound is almost certainly electrical. This is never good news, especially in a new computer.
Do you live in a particularly humid or damp environment? Excessive moisture can cause all sorts of problems with electronics.
(This could be why the crackling noise disappears as the computer warms up and evaporates the moisture).
If it's a laptop, you could try storing it in a warm place like an airing-cupboard to see if this cures the problem. Or buying some silica gel (The stuff inside those small bags found in camera/optical eqpt boxes) and placing in the case.
Do any of these things apply?

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Aircatcher1866 days ago

Could you try by using an electrical tester for every parts of your computer? Take it all off and test it one by one.

If you don't know how to do this, can you provide a video on what it is actually happened from turning it on, in use, and until you turn it off?
You might want to record it near on where the rattling sound happens.

This might sped up the problem solving.

Oh, by the way, don't bring it back to the place where you've bought it, just to fix your pc.
They might have install another thing (just in case).


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ha141865 days ago

How to Fix Crackling & Popping Sound Problem on Your PC

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azzromyo1865 days ago

Hi guys thanks for your help , it was the hard disk this what the technician told to me

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azzromyo1865 days ago

@Seer thank you

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Seer1864 days ago

You're welcome!

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