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I got a weird illness Reward $1
Created by Igotthis, 1073 days ago, 1242 views

I got some flu symptons but my nose was bleeding inside whenever I try to blow out. What was that? I am very nervous but I don't have time to go to the hospital
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ZzMrXzZ1073 days ago

Did you have a sinusitis? If yes, then do not worry, it is normal, but you have to go to the doctor to check later. If no, then it's much to worry about. Do not hesitate to go to the hospital dude.

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azzromyo1073 days ago

Hi @Igotthis
read this:

but dear you must call a doctor

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richkid1073 days ago

@Igotthis I suggest go to the hospital and do some exams to know happening to you.
I fear it is life-thretening you and are contagious. What if is Mers-COV and you are about to die.
If contagious you better kill yourself now than create a epidemic of your disease killing more and more innocent people.
Heal yourself if necessary. That is common sense. No need ask that question here.
It is same as the question "I am feeling about to take a poo, what should I do"?
If I replied you not to poo, would you not.
common sense people

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igor1073 days ago

It is necessary to check a blood pressure.

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area51alien1073 days ago

I have this problem, the most common thing is that you have either pollen or some type or allergic reactant in your nose that is stuck, you could go to the hospital but i have been having this for at least 6 months now, its nothing life threatening but it does get annoying. Don't worry your self to much about it. Your body does not know what to do so its doing all it can to get it out, which might be a more heavy substance like a bloody type of mucus, after a while your body stops and you just have a little stuffy nose.

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richkid1072 days ago

@Igotthis Are you dead now?
Your sickness are not heal?
That is because you choose to ask question here first than heal yourself fame-whore.
Lack of common sense killed you.

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Karl1072 days ago

Sinus infection

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Karl1072 days ago

Sinus infection

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Igotthis1070 days ago

@richkid because there are people who have to work almost 24/7 to earn money and do not have much free time like you to go around and brag about your richness dude.
@ZzMrXzZ Yes I do, I have had sinusitis since I was 7 but I have felt anything weird recently except for this one. Thank for your advice, I will take a day off the next week to visit the doctor. :)

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