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How to make your PC runs faster? Reward $2
Created by Danny, 1912 days ago, 2882 views

How to make your PC runs faster?
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nepalisora1912 days ago

if you have windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1 then install tuneup utilities
if you have windows 10 install wisecare it will greately increase ur pc's sped

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azzromyo1912 days ago

Hi @Danny
with wisecleaner
read this:

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BM1912 days ago

Hello Danny! Great question!
I see and hear this question from many people.
We all want faster computers!
Here's how I try to keep mine working at top performance:

Like the others have said, Wisecare 365 does help! I use it myself. I use the free version, not the Pro version.
Remove unneeded files.
Uninstall programs that you no longer need.

Finally... if you are on Windows 7 like I am, look into the processes your computer runs at one time (this can be accessed via Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then Task Manager) and check the Services on your computer as well. Wisecare also allows you to turn off certain programs if they start up when your computer does.

Hope this helps!

PS: I almost forgot! Your RAM and Processor speed also affect computer performance. Be sure to invest time in upgrading these, if possible!

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bradsconnie1912 days ago

I use wise care 365 and every night I delete my cookies, empty the recycle bin.

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kinzy20041912 days ago

Hey you can try the following guide made by me

1- Too many junk and useless and leftover files in your Drive C Resolution ( any junk file cleaners like WiseCare or Ccleaner or IOBIT ADVANCED CARE SYSTEM)

2- Registry problems you usually uninstall programs but some of its keys or files remains on your C Resolution (registry fix on top PCFIX - REGISTERY MECHANIC - WINDOWS DOCT OR REGISTERY BOOSTER)

3- Bad fragmentation disk contents are scattered instead of aligned and ordered Resolution ( derangement programs on top (Q&Q DEFRAG)


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m1d11909 days ago

install linux

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YX1909 days ago

use wisecare 365.

do defragment

uninstall unneeded file

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hamzababay961907 days ago

use Park controller and Wisecare!

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zizou1907 days ago

The first step - delete temporary files

Are the first steps that you must do on a regular basis, temporary files "temporary file" are unnecessary files and create with daily use to execute specific commands, and then be an important cause slow device and filled large areas, so P you remove it from time to time, But do not worry P will not delete it manually, you are deleting programs there are and perhaps the best one is CCleaner program.

The second step - Delete unnecessary programs

There are many programs that do not need, and these programs affect the efficiency of the device, and can be extremely slow, so q The more software to your device whenever caused the slow device, so you delete programs that are not needed or unnecessary for you, and you can delete any program you want, by going to the Start menu, then Control panel, then Add or remove (For users of XP), or Programs and features (For users of Windows 7), and then you select the program you want to delete, and then you press right click, then choose Uninstall, and then wait until it is deleted.

The third step - protect your computer from viruses

The most important step! , Protect your computer from viruses is the most important step to make your computer faster, and also the device from the virus scan, because viruses cause slow device strongly, so Always protect your computer from viruses, and you have to explain what are the viruses, and also in other topic you explain how the protection of viruses, so be sure to read carefully these two themes, and always make sure that your computer free of viruses.

Step Four - Always switch the computer correctly

Shut down your computer must be through the icon "Shut down" in the Start Menu, then to leave the device to close completely, and then you close the electricity from the device, either shut down the computer through the key "operation and closure" This causes Errors in the system files, causing problems which lead to a slow device.

Step Five - reduce the number of icons on the desktop

It is very important that you reduce the number of icons on your desktop, just leave the important ones, and delete the rest.

Step Six - the empty space in the Windows Disk

Must leave enough empty space in the disk that contains the Windows (usually disk C), and this is a very important step, for users of Windows 7 P always going to suffer from this problem, a disk is full, but you write about this problem recently on the subject entitled solve the problem of filling C C disk because of Windows 7 ships, either for Windows XP users, they do not suffer from this problem.

Step Seven - Turn off programs that work with start

What is the worst that you wait at the start of operation for 10 or 15 minutes until you running programs and download! , why all that ? , Turn off all of these programs to work with start-up, and turn on only what you need, because these programs have a negative impact on the speed and efficiency of the machine.

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richkid1907 days ago

@Danny Board in an airplane with your PC. Ride in it.
Your PC runs faster than when you walk am I right?
Amazing dude right?

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Ravindra_21905 days ago

In the wise cleaner there is option system tuneup and open start up manager. Disable unnecessary app when computer stats it unnecessary apps runs in background. If you have driver booster, team viever, bluestacks, ccleaner, mozila mantenance service etc, and unuse microsoft apps. Any cleaner can not make fast your pc until you can disable start up manager apps.

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ali_rajan1898 days ago

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Spayco1895 days ago

Kill unused background process and uninstall unused apps

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MOYJO1892 days ago

Установите Advanced SystemCare, это удобно собранные программы для оптимизации компьютера.

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Tankkiller1890 days ago

If you want to make your PC faster, then download this:
and I got you a code for it, if you want pro click on "Enter License" and then enter this:
Its a lifetime code so your good. :D

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latestsoftwarepc1889 days ago

I have got much clear idea regarding from this piece of information. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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Skyduke1880 days ago

Use it last versions of CCleaner and Wise Care 365 Free for everyday cleaning when finish your PC working.

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supaslick881829 days ago

get advanced systemcare 9 free then googl advanced systemcare 9 key. you will get the code to turn it into the pro version with a little work. The pro version has so many more features. First you want to check every box on the scan page. Now do a scan. When its finished, give permission for the program to clean and optimize your computer. Second, you want to turn on the turbo boost feature. Third, go to start up manager and disable rograms that are automatically starting up that you don't use. Then go to the toolbox section of the program and play around with the many features to optimize your computer. Finally from the same site,, download iobit uninstaller. Now uninstall every program you have not used in the past six months.This will free up space and get rid of programs that may be running in the background. From here on out just monitor the program. When the blue smiley face changes colors, its time to run a scan again.

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