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The best way to give up smoking? Reward $2
Created by Yvon, 1913 days ago, 2236 views

My father keeps on smoking for a long time. Nowadays his health gets worse and worse, so we suggest him that he should give up smoking, but it it too hard for him to quit. Is there any best ways to help him? Thanks.
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Tankkiller1910 days ago

The best way to quit smoking is to talk to his doctor and try to keep his mind off of smoking, ex. changing the subject when he asks about cigars, and to keep him as far away from smoking as possible.

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restrictedarea1913 days ago

The best thing to get started is to talk with his doctor. there are wany ways to help quit. the doctor can help find the best one. best of luck to you.

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willchill1913 days ago

Have your father see a Doctor to fully evaluate him and give him some sobering education. There are antidepressant type medications formulated to help people stop smoking along with one of the most helpful and enduring guarantee would be the addition of social support.

The best way, is his way. No amount of cajoling or nagging him about this will get him any closer to stopping this strong addiction. I would give him truths. Truths of what happens to people at the end of their lives, and how it significantly shortens many lives. Not to have him feel guilty, but to give him power through knowledge. Give him knowledge which he can use for himself to apply his now informed choice. There are many programs from self help pamphlets to full blown college classes about this issue. Most every general medical clinic has resource's to support him in stopping.

Here's is how I stopped. I was living with a roommate who smoked and I couldn't stand it. I had some bad things happening at the time and began smoking at the age of 50! I was so depressed I didn't care. I liked smoking too. But I stopped after 3 years by replacing it with something less dangerous. it was effortless for me. Vaping had just become available and as an RN I recognized this could be one of public health's biggest savior of lives, morbidity, and money.

It's too bad though that ill informed people, without a nursing or science back ground vilify it to be as bad or worse than smoking. This is big money and business tobacco companies at work, passing cash under the table to legislatures and schools. I digress, back to the subject. Some older people still have trouble transitioning to a nicotine vape instead of cigarettes. The key about it is to not buy cheap equipment. Buy quality starter materials and if it's not working keep trying other companies. Green Smoke was my choice and it's such an outstanding company. If he has a cough from the vaping have him really work on being hydrated well and good AM pulmonary hygiene. That means have him cough and clear his lungs with a humidifier or inhalant's so he can breath well and feel better, the rest of he day. The nicotine vape takes the urge away and with all the benefits of no smell or smoke! For me it was unconscious because I wasn't trying to stop. I just naturally didn't want the nicotine in my system. But that's my physiology. Good luck. I know it's hard. I really do.

I stopped by changing to vaping. However, it's nothing like the quantity of lung pollution, and health risk of plant tobacco burned and inhaled. I began on the highest nicotine strength so I wouldn't need to keep that in hailing habit all the time. I'd take one or two puffs and lost the urge to smoke cigarettes right away. It was a simple transition. I went from spending over $60.00 month on cigarettes to maybe $40.00 per YEAR on the vape containers. Now, I skip days taking a puff or do it a few times per day. Nobody is going to tell me that it's just as unhealthy as a cigarette.

I never thought in a million years my mother and father could quit. But one day when cigarette taxes went up in price once again, in the 1960's. My Dad got up and walked to the front door and threw his cigarette outside and said out loud "that's enough". He stopped a 20+ year smoking habit cold turkey and never spoke about it being difficult. My mother kept smoking until she had trouble breathing while walking across a room. She knew the writing was on the wall. She stopped without any outside help too. She became the biggest anti smoking crusader too. So, it can be done with or without support. All kinds of people have done it. Give him the facts. It has to be a full stop and not a taper down or like one cig in the morning and one at night.

There have been several concurring studies that report significant health benefits and improvements start right away and at any age. Just stop and the body will heal itself in time. Have him try nicotine patches too.(not while vaping too though). But again, his easiest way to stop is with outside professional, family and community support. Good Luck.

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azzromyo1913 days ago

Hi @Yvon
i have the same problem with your father i can't stop smoking ; so i can't give you advice , should you try with electronic cigarette like me but trust me it work

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zizou1913 days ago

Secrets and a desire to quit smoking program--tbdo mathematically remove all mention of smoking from your house and your car and your workplace-Use quit drugs Altdechan-
Smart phones and other electronic applications and solutions

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Danny1912 days ago

Its hard to leave something like smoke and other harmful materials that affect your body. The best solution for your problem is that you tell your father about demarits for inhailing smoke may be it will work for your father to get remove from inhailing smoke.

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Razsaheel1912 days ago

From my own practical experience. After 30 years of smoking, I was able to stop this habit only by making myself hating it thoroughly. How I did it ? When I was fed up trying every and all efforts in vain. I purchased 15 odd packs and started blowing out continuously. Believe or not by the middle of 8th pack; I still hate it after 7 years today.

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mikexfctr1912 days ago

he needs to go to his doctor and get the best stop smoking aids that he feels will work for him. he needs to plan the day he is going to quit and have the stuff on hand from doctor. this will get him started. you guys (his family) need to be very supportive. he will fail a couple times. be supportive. if he keeps to the program him and his doctor set up he will be ok. just know he will slip and he doesnt need a bunch of crap for it. when he does slip he just needs to get right back on the program the next day and keep working it. its not going to be easy or fast but within 3 to 6 months of working it and being encouraged he will quit. some people also find support groups similar to AA which does help some people. the most important thing is to find a method to quithe likes and will get behind. his doctor and u guys need to be a big always positive part of the process. good luck.

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kinzy20041912 days ago

I was A heavy smoker and here is my advice ......Exchange your smoking habits go to sleep when you feel you wanna smoke , talk to your friends to avoid smoking or buying cigs near you, stay at home if you must, parctise your most lovely hobby while your at home be patient be patient........ headache will be at most in 2 days going away in a week then...... walla you start to feel normal breathe normal and live Normal

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ha141910 days ago

I doubt that there is a universal method but onlu will to fight. Well instead to smoke a cigarette he must think to do something else like slowly eat a fruit, go out and walk, speak on the phone...

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d3llon1910 days ago

I threw so at first I replaced the rolls as I am Ukrainian, started smoking less then seriously ill, it gave impetus to quit forever

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ADAM17761910 days ago

the bad stuff about smoking wouldnt help him b/c he would stop if he was scared but hes not so what id do which my dad wanted to stop chewing snuff and he has is to first try to get him to cut down and not to stop alltogeather at first like just find something that hes interested in like a hobby and just use that to your avantage and tell him like if he smoke say 2 packs a day thats 40 cig. tell him if he cuts say down to 30 cigs. a day thats 300 cigs a month hes not smoking and just work hes way down intill a few cigs a day then a few a week then few a month exc...

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YX1908 days ago

make Him reaLize that many people are love him. so maybe he will try to keep his body healty as long as possible in this world.

every time he's smoking, give him a candy. tell Him and make him eat that candy first. my uncle did that and it was work till now! Now , everytime he want to smoke, he eat candy and the mood (to do smoking ->somehow will be gone!)

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