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Which kind of medicine do you think is safer? Reward $2
Created by yoyoyo, 1914 days ago, 2000 views

If you have choice, you will choose herb medicine or chemical medicine ?
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alvindgreat1914 days ago

Hi @yoyoyo There are many medicinal plants in our country and I believe, I will choose herbal ones than chemical medicines. I think it is safer and has no side effects.
Our body sometimes reacts to the chemical ingredients present in processed medicines, sometimes causing irritations, dizziness, vomiting and the like. Unlike herbal ones whose composition is mostly vitamins and minerals, chemical ones might contain some ingredients that may not be good to our body.
I suggest you limit the chemical medicine intake as long as possible and shift to herbal ones if necessary. I am a proud user of herbal medicines and it works for me. I believe it will work for you too.
I hope it helps.
High five...

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nino20181914 days ago

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renetstemmet1914 days ago

I would say it depends on the problem. Alternative medicine (herbal) take longer. Herbal is much better on your body. But some doctors rather perscibe alternative before chemical.

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ourlife1914 days ago

don't forget
"prevention is better than cure"
you must have the habit to use herbal medicines every day

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azzromyo1914 days ago

Hi @yoyoyo

see here the comparison :

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mikegem11914 days ago

Herbal medicine is easier on your body but it takes a longer time to cure the problem. It depends on what problem you are having before you choose which way to go with the cure its all about getting better as soon as possible but not at the risk of some side effects.

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zizou1914 days ago

Medicine colds and headaches

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ADAM17761914 days ago

just think about the hundreds of thousands of years people have been using herbal medicine n remedys and have worked just as good if not better than chemical and go look at how many people die or have other problums from taking chemical medicines chemicals should not be in your body say taking vit c 500mg a day for a cold, you already have vit c in your body and your body then uses it so whats better def. herbal hands down also go look at doctors healing people with almost any condition with using herbal herbs and veggies its called hullistic medicine i spelled that wrong but you get it hope that helps just always do your homework and you well get the answer that you need!

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lovelee1914 days ago

No doubt about it natural medicine is safer. Some caution is necessary with homeopathy because of dosages and essential oils you must use carefully. But altogether chemical medicine is FAR BEYOND DANGEROUS and only treats the symptoms not the underlying condition.

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YX1908 days ago

of course I will choose herb medicine.

It's saver than cheMical medicine (that will be a weird thing in our body if we consume it too much)

God already give us Much blessing in this world,
if your throat is hurt, driNk a cup of hot leMon+honey
if you want to warm your body in a cold weather, just driNk a cup of hot ginger or hot chocolate.

btw, if you want to make your face(of acne) better, give lemon juice/tomato.
you also can make your skin look bright with leMon. just put it on the skin are that you want, leave it for 10 miNutes and after that, apply a cream/handbody.

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DY1889 days ago

herb is better but if I don't have time to buy it I'll go to mini market and bought one in there

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SetupComputer1886 days ago

Hi @yoyoyo ,

I actually think the opposite - drugs made by pharmaceutical companies are more regulated, safer and more predictable in efficiency.

Herbal medicines, especially those coming from not-so well-known companies often vary in effect, as weather, season, soil condition and other factors affect plants. These herbal "medicines" were usually classified as FOOD SUPPLEMENT, not as a medicine by the FDA (or equivalent agencies). This means that the State officially does not view such as having approved therapeutic claims.

Many of these herbal medicines actually rely on TESTIMONIAL CLAIMS, not on published laboratory studies, which are often unverified and misrepresenting of the product. Another thing, since its manufacturing is not done by well-known pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, we can't be really sure that the product complies with the strictest standards in cleanliness, effectiveness, safety and all. Also, manufacturers of herbal "medicines" are not honest with regards to contraindications of their product.

UNLIKE manufactured medicines by common and well-known pharmaceuticals, they are regulated, studied, tested and well-documented so that the public and medical practitioners can use it in the MOST EFFECTIVE AND SAFEST WAY possible. Check your drug at if you want a detailed summary of dosage, contraindications, manufacturer, and all, all of which you can't find in a sham herbal "medicine". If you can't find your drug in the list of MIMS, don't expect it to be effective nor safe.


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Zufcena1796 days ago

Chemical medicine is better than herb, because you have 99% chance to work, at herb you dont know, if it work.

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joytotheworld1779 days ago

As a medicine student, I want to clarify some stuff. First of all, herbal medicines would still release chemicals in your body. Herbal medicines are good alternative to man-made (chemical) ones since they're cheaper and natural. However, some may not be scientifically proven to cure a disease and some may have side effects that we're not familiar with since studies about herbal medicines are very limited.
It depends on your condition though. If it's a serious disease like heart disease or high blood pressure, I would still prefer the chemical ones since it has an accurate dose which will make sure that you have enough medication for your condition and it is tested scientifically so there's a good chance you will get healed. When using herbal medicines, you're not sure how much medicine or herbal product you need to take to cure your symptoms. This could get you overdosed where you can get poisoned or underdosed which will not cure your disease. Keep in mind that there are also plants that produce chemicals in their fruits/leaves/stems that is toxic to us. These toxic products can be harmful for us in a small amount or beneficial in small amounts but harmful on larger amounts. However if your disease is just mild like cough or colds, herbal medicine is a good choice and there are a lot of herbal options for those.
I suggest asking your doctor about some alternative herbal medicines just to be sure.

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