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How to relax my mind before sleeping? Reward $2
Created by hellen, 1915 days ago, 1875 views

I usually go to bed late due to work. But while I lay on the bed, I can't help stopping thinking my unfinished work and it will go on for a long time so that it is hard for me to sleep. Of course, it makes me feel sleepy and tired next day. how to do?
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YX1909 days ago

listen music.

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alvindgreat1915 days ago

Hi @hellen.
I feel you buddy. IT HAPPENS TO ME A LOT BEFORE and even lately. I think a lot, oftentimes about the work I need to accomplish the next day. It kinda kill me. It sucks not to have proper sleep. But maybe I can help you to get out of this like I am currently doing. Follow these tips.
1. You are paid just for eight (8) hours of work in office. Don't be hero enough to offer too much time. Thinking work beyond work time is unacceptable. It can cause family related problems. S we have to get the balance between personal life and work. When at home, just give your full attention to your family. Bond with them. Show your love and effort to them. Try to as much as possible set aside work when at home. This way, during sleep time you will forget about the work and focus on the love and beauty of having a loving family. You will have a good night sleep with these, I swear.
2. Pray. Pray that you have a clear mind entering sleep time. Being with your family helps a lot. If not, call them. Skype with them and talk to them. Be inspired and be motiated for the next day.
3. When you set your foot on your home, forget about work completely as much as possible. Focus on the most important thing - home and family. Remember that you can always look for another job, but you can never ask or look for another family. There is no "A Second Chance" when family and home is of concern. So seize the moment and enjoy it.

Hope it helps.
High five!

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Domeniko1915 days ago

hi. just eat one or two tea spoon honey before going to bed. that's the best way i know, also improves brain memory.
good luck

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igor1915 days ago

1)Buy a trap for sleep.Trap of sleep – the invention of ancient Indians.2)Yogis advise to sleep-headed in the northern or northeast direction. Such position of a body in a sleep is most useful for our health.

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azzromyo1915 days ago

Hi @hellen
this way help me a lot:

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m1d11915 days ago

Read a good book in bed (use a e-reader with backlight)
when the letters start to blur you're ready for sleeping.
Works for me.

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ZzMrXzZ1915 days ago

Do something that you like such as playing games or listening to music, this would help you ease your mind to sleep

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lobolo1231914 days ago

Get a night time hobby that is relaxing; coloring books, video games, online social friend, learn to play music

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zizou1914 days ago

The mental relaxation of the oldest types of relaxation, is characterized by all people of a certain type of mental relaxation.
It is similar to yoga When the Japanese left the so-called Zen, which is relaxed my mind.
The Chinese practice sport Alto, which is also my mind is relaxed, as well as what he was doing previously Sufi worship is they have come under mental relaxation.
This can be used mental relaxation praise to God, it is a sort of relaxing.
The most important characteristic of mental relaxation, your mind is the separation from the outside world, and focusing on a specific image in your mind or the word and its reluctance to focus your mind and your imagination without occupy your mind with something other, and continue to do so for at least 15 minutes.
There are conditions that must be followed and adhered to, namely:
B * taking a comfortable position either sitting or lying down, or even parking. * Must be based human in a place of complete calm.
B * Use deep breathing and regulate breathing raises the case of relaxation.
B * focus on a particular theme throughout the period of intellectual meditation.
One of the main benefits of mental relaxation: improve memory - to improve the nature of sleep - the organization of the brain vibrations - lifting concept
Self - reducing the depression - reduce the amount of sweat - the reduction of heart rate - reducing migraines - to improve work performance and academic achievement - reduce the impact of high human voices.

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ADAM17761914 days ago

"If you're in a committed relationship, engage in intimate conversation or activity with your partner," suggests Dr. Ojile. This may help take your mind off your worries and, if you have sex, also physically release some of the tension you've been feeling. or There's no doubt that it's a great stress reliever—just make sure to do it at least three hours before bedtime, says Dr. Ojile. Otherwise it could actually rev you up and make it harder to sleep. or In particular, a cup of passionflower and chamomile tea can be very relaxing, says Ronald Stram, MD, founder of the Center for Integrated Health and Healing in Delmar, New York. If you're a fan of herbs, Dr. Stram also recommends Rescue Sleep, a homeopathic spray that he says can help calm a racing mind. or It's a cliché—but it works. "A hot bath will not only relax your muscles, but it will also raise your core body temperature, which acts as a trigger to help people fall asleep," says Michael Breus, PhD, author of Beauty Sleep: Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep. or You may have heard that you shouldn't watch TV before bed, and admittedly some sleep experts aren't big fans, but many say a little TV before bed is a good thing—as long as you don't watch anything too stimulating or stressful. That means skipping the nightly news and tuning in to something lighter. "Try watching reruns of old sitcoms you used to love, like The Golden Girls," says Joyce Walsleben, RN, PhD, diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and coauthor of A Woman's Guide to Sleep.

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jaae25121914 days ago

If overthinking is keeping you awake at night, here’s 5 easy tips to empty your mind before going to sleep.

1.Write down your thoughts
There are a number of ways that you can document your thoughts and get them out of your head so that they don’t bounce around up there keeping you awake all night. The old-fashioned pen and paper do a fine job. But if you have a device in your bedroom then you can use a note-taking app, like Evernote to get your thoughts into a safe place and store them for later.

If you’re bombarded with thoughts as soon as you hop into bed, a simple visualization can help calm your mind. Imagine that next to your bed is a big basket, and every time a thought pops up and tries to hook you in, imagine that thought floating out of your mind and into the basket. Know that the thought is safe, that you can review it at another time, but for now the only thing that you need to focus on is getting that thought out of your head!

Regular meditation has a multitude of benefits, including improved sleep and a calmer mind. Meditate daily to reduce your predisposition to having a racing mind, or meditate by focusing on your breathing when you hop into bed to relax your mind and body, ready for sleep.

4.Promise to continue your thinking at another time
Your mind is persistent. It will keep spinning around ideas, worries, problems and solutions as long as you allow it to. If you notice a recurring idea or thought, try making a deal with your mind, saying to it “I promise that I’ll make some time tomorrow to give this thought the time and attention that it deserves, but for now, I need to get some sleep.” You will, of course need to fulfill your promises!

5.Do all of your thinking before you get into bed
If you’re notorious for busying yourself or indulging in screen-time right up until bedtime, then maybe your mind comes alive as you hop into bed, going over the day and planning for tomorrow. This can become an unhelpful habit that interferes with your ability to get to sleep on time. Try switching off your devices and creating some quiet time prior to bed to set your mind free and get your thinking done. Once you’ve finished, you can go to bed with an empty mind and sleep soundly every night.

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alvindgreat1909 days ago

Hi @hellen.
Have I helped you in your concern?
High five!

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tomfit2471895 days ago

Chemical messengers: how hormones help us sleep

Your Hormones Your Sleep Your Health

Are we sleep-deprived or just darkness-deprived?

Sleep Disorders: Do Not Be Afraid Of The Dark

Sleep iѕ аn important role fоr еvеrу human being, it'ѕ hоw wе repair bоth mentally аnd physically.

4 Terrific Ways To Get Better Sleep

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