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Office installation under Win10 Reward $2
Created by jackyjacky, 1295 days ago, 1780 views

I've updated to Win 10 and need to reinstall all applications. I downloaded Office from official web and was supposed to install . I found the process was very long and stopped somewhere. It could not be done. I tried several times. Not sure why? Thank you in advance.
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SetupComputer1294 days ago


When I upgraded to Windows 10, I already prepared the official Office ISO file from Microsoft Website.

What version of Microsoft Office are you trying to install? I suggest you download the complete ISO file and install instead of using an online installer.
For all versions of the ISO, go here:
You'll need a Microsoft Account and your license key for the office version you purchased (no need for a key for Office 365).
Depending on the version, you may have to download up to 800MB of files, so prepare your fast internet connection.
The ISO format is only another compression technology, similar to .rar and .zip.

Steps to painlessly install Microsoft Office when you already have the ISO file: (I will use Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus 32-bit, since this is the one I have a license)
1. Click once the ISO File, then on the Manage tab, click "Mount".

2. Go to THIS PC (Computer in Windows 7), then you will see the ISO Image of the Microsoft Office. Double-click the ISO file.

3. Inside the Installation ISO, click on the "setup.exe" to run the installer.

4. Run through the installer.

In my case, since I already have installed it, it offered me modification options. Although, for first-time installs, you will be offered to install all or selected components depending on your license.

5. Open any installed MS Office application (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), then go to File > Help. On the right pane of the window, you will see if your product is activated or not. In my case, I already have activated the product. For first time installs, you need to enter here the License Key, close all Office applications, then re-open. You will now have an activated Office.


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ha141295 days ago

maybe internet connection problem? if it is online installaion?. Is there any error message?

maybe restore point space, you need to increase
1) Right click Desktop computer icon and navigating to Properties where you will get option of system protection.

2) In the System Properties box, make sure you are in System Protection tab. In the System Protection tab click on Create button to create your own Restore Point for Windows 10

3) Select your windows drive, normally C, and click configure, then increase the size to 20%percent

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Danny1295 days ago

Go to the official site from where you download office for windows 10 and try to reinstall it.

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jerry66651295 days ago

Downloading Windows 10 is showing up as a real problem for computers. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, Microsoft will fix it for you at no charge. Call them. They'll remotely work on your computer and if that doesn't work, you can take it in to a Microsoft store. Just be prepared for a long wait for the techies to get to your computer and to fix it. They're behind over a month! For now, you can have them install 10 for you at no charge. My suggestion is to do that rather than try to fix all the problems downloading 10 may cause or to do it yourself and screw it up for unknown reasons.

I should have waited to download and then let them do the work. My computer is back to the Store for its 2nd time and is still basically a brick now. (Yes, it was a fairly new computer, yes it had 8.1, yes all directions were followed, yes I called Microsoft who worked on it remotely twice- 4 hours the first time and 2 hours the second, yes everything on the computer was up to date, and yes to all the other questions you may consider. And, NO, there were no viruses...)

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GMdoghunter6661295 days ago

Jacky please go to the official Microsoft site and check you have not exceeded you installations,also worth noting don't install it from the shortcut in the windows 10 start menu it doesn't seem to work,ive tried it myself both ways and the official installer from your account sems to be the way to do it,i hope this helps and please feel free to ask for more information or even I can provide remote support and install it for you.If you need or decide to go for the remote support please drop me an email to and we can take it from there

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rickgerrit1295 days ago


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azzromyo1295 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky follow this:

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kinzy20041293 days ago

hey there
why install office from, the internet instead of downloading the whole office disk and set it up when you want??

i sugesst you to login to

register as a new user log in and go to app section

office 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 is avilable to download and install

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jackyjacky1287 days ago

Sorry ,guys. I was busy.

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jackyjacky1273 days ago

Thank you ,my friend. I was busy. Missed so many friendly replies here.

Wish you Merry X'mas!

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SetupComputer1273 days ago

Thanks @jackyjacky . Merry Christmas. :)

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