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Window phone problems.............. Reward $5
Created by Hippy, 1142 days ago, 1303 views

My Lumia 630 goes black sometimes for about 5 seconds or more. What's that?
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ZzMrXzZ1142 days ago

Maybe your phone's RAM is full of trash. Clean them by using phone reset dude:

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azzromyo1142 days ago

Hi @Hippy
DO you happen to use a screen protector that maybe covers the proximity sensor? A co-worker had the same issue on his HTC Titan, despite the screen protector being see-through, the phone would think the sensor was blocked. He then simply cut the screen protector and re-attached it, that fixed his problem.

If that's not working (or the issue), it might sound like a hardware issue. Either there's dust in the proximity sensor or maybe the connector is loose. If you're adventurous you can open the device and check

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azzromyo1142 days ago

Hi @Hippy
or you can dothis :Soft Reset: By pressing down the Volume Down + Power buttons for 10-15 seconds (or until the device vibrates) you can perform a soft reset on your device. This is a little bit like a factory reset for your phone's OS only you get to keep all of your personal data. Think of it like restarting your PC. This is the first thing you should try if your device is behaving oddly.

Hard Reset: By going to settings>about>reset your phone you can completely wipe your phone of your personal data (ideal if you're going to send in your phone for repair or sell it). Your phone will turn off and you'll see spinning gears for a while (up to an hour or so) and when it's done you will see the same screens you saw when you first turned on your phone out of the box. You'll have to sign in with your Microsoft account again and start over.

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ha141142 days ago

see if there are updates for your phone and apply, it can also be hardware problem, perhaps you need to change the battery

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zizou1141 days ago

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Hippy1139 days ago

@ZzMrXzZ Thanks, real help. However, should I upgrade the RAM? or replace it with a new one?

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richkid1139 days ago

Spammer alert @WiseCleaner_Admin.
Do something it about.

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ZzMrXzZ1139 days ago

I don't think you can replace a phone RAM dude, I haven't seen anyone do it before. Just get along with it.

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Neutrino1139 days ago

@WiseCleaner Admin

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ADAM17761139 days ago

A lot of few people have encountered persistent problems with their screen going black whenever they make or receive a call on their Windows Phone 8 device. This makes it unresponsive, so it’s difficult to cancel or end the call. It seems to be a problem for the Lumia 920 specifically.


If you tap the power button twice the screen should blink back to life, but you may have to act quickly to end the call.

Potential fixes:

This is likely to be an issue with the proximity sensor. Make sure that you don’t have a screen protector covering it. It’s located next to the front-facing camera at the top of the front face of the phone.
You should also make sure there’s no dirt covering it. Give it a wipe or try using compressed air on the top edge to blast any dust away.
Some people have reported success by pushing on the screen where the proximity sensor is located, which suggests a build issue.
You could ask for a replacement unit, although some people have encountered the same issue on more than one device.

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