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Good and a Bad question, who said? Reward $2
Created by richkid, 1919 days ago, 1605 views

How can we know a good and a bad question. Who says good, who says bad.
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azzromyo1919 days ago

Hi @richkid
When you ask a question, you have to know what you want for an answer. I spent quite a few years in the military. We had intelligence reports coming in; we needed data, not someone’s opinion. That meant we wanted strictly the information. We did not want any interpretation. Just the facts, ma’am. When you are asking questions, make sure you put it in the right context.

Other times you might want someone’s opinion. For example, “What do you think of this cologne?” Sometimes you want a reasoned opinion or advice. “What is the route to get from uptown to downtown?” As you get ready to ask your question, make sure you have the right source and they know what you want from them.

Do I need a factually correct answer?
Do I need an expert opinion?
Do I need a well-reasoned judgment?

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orodlram1919 days ago

there are no bad question. there is only good and a bad answers ( bad answers like links to other articles )

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zizou1916 days ago

Sometimes plague in human thinking regarded as a sin, and that things like the whispers of Satan and bad breath, is one rewarded on what is going on at the same, writes it, whether for good or evil?
Thank God
Al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh (6491) and Muslim (131) from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with the Prophet peace be upon him, as he tells about his Lord Almighty said: (God wrote the pros and cons and then between so it is their mole did not dress it by God it has complete the well is they are by God to him by Her work has ten good deeds to seven hundred times to many times and who he does not Bsaih by God to him he has the full well they are by Her work is by God has a bad one).
Al-Bukhaari (5269) and Muslim (127) also narrated from Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet, peace be upon him said: (Allah my ummah for what crosses their minds do not act or speak).
Ibn Rajab said God's mercy:
"Vtdment these texts are four types: writing good deeds and bad deeds, and carefree with good and bad, these four types ..", and then said:
"Type III: carefree Bal_husnat, is recorded full well, though he does not, as in the hadith of Ibn Abbas and others, ... In an interview with bin Khuraim missed:" .. and who are the mole has not worked by God knew that he had made her feel his heart and made them wrote him a good .. "[Narrated by Ahmad, 18 556, Arnaout said: attributed Hassan, and mentioned the Albanian in the right, and this shows that you want to mind here: it is determined designer who left his careful work, not just dangerous that comes, then Tnevsk of non-determination nor design .
Abu Darda said, came from his bed, which is intended to pray at night, Vglapth his eyes until it becomes, wrote to him that which he intended ...
And Roy for Saeed bin Musayyib, said: Who are the prayer, or fasting, or pilgrimage, or umrah, or invasion, Vahil between him and it, Almighty God that which he intended language.
Abu Imran said Jouni: King proclaimed: Write to so and so so and so, he says: O Lord, that he did not do, he says: It's nucleus.
Said Zaid ibn Aslam: A man roams the scientists, says of show me the work was still him God factor, I do not like to come at the hour of the day and night, but I factor to God, was said to him: You may have found your need, do thou good as I could If chilled, or left him understand his work, the important work good as actors.
And when combined with the intention to say or quest, make sure the box, and he joined his neighbor factor, as narrated by Abu Kabshah the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: (but minimum of four turnoff: Abdul living God money and the note, he fears the Lord, and up by its mercy, and knows God, it really, this is the best homes, and Abdul living God note, did not give him money, he is sincere in intention, says: if my money, because I worked doing so and so, it is his intention, Vojarhama either, Abdul living God money, and did not give him note threshing in his money without knowledge, do not obey the Lord, does not reach the mercy, does not know God, it really, it Bokhbut houses, Abdullah did not give him money or note, he says: if my money, because I worked a job so and so is its structure Vozarhma both) narrated by Imam Ahmad and Tirmidhi and that the word, and Ibn Majah [Horses for others].
The pregnancy was quoted as saying: "They pay either" on Astewaihma at the origin of wage labor, without doubled, Valamadaafh unique to the work of labor without kernel did not he does, they would Astoya of each face, to books for those who are mole was worked by ten good deeds, which otherwise Texts are all, as evidenced by the verse: {Fadlallah mujahideen with their wealth and themselves on the laggards degree and both of Allah promised Fadlallah mujahideen on the laggards great reward degrees of it}, the son of Abbas and others said: spectators preferred them Mujahideen degree are spectators of the people of excuses, and spectators They preferred the Mujahideen are degrees of spectators is the people of excuses. "
Then he said, God's mercy:
"Type IV: carefree Balseiat is the work of her, in Ibn Abbas: they write full well, as well as in an interview with Abu Huraira and Anas and others they write well, and in an interview with Abu Hurayrah said: (but left the Gray) [Muslim 129], means : for me. This shows that to be as much of what they are doing from sin, Fterkh to God, and this is no doubt that he writes to him so well; he left because of disobedience to this destination good work.
Either they sin, then let her work for fear of creatures, or priggishism them, it has been suggested: that he be punished for not doing it this intention; because the provision of fear creatures on the fear of God Muharram. As well as the intention of showing off creatures Muharram, if accompanied by leaving sin for him, punished for this Turk ...
Fadhil bin Ayaz said: They used to say: leave work for the people hypocrisy, and work them trap.
But if sought in obtaining what he could, then the case between him and destiny, the group has stated that it is punishable by then to talk (unless spoken or work), and sought to obtain sin effort, then the inability of them, he has worked out, as well as the words of the Prophet - peace be upon him -: (if met by Muslim Bsevehma, murderer and the victim in the fire), they said: O Messenger of Allah, the killer, what about the deceased?! He said: (he was careful to kill the owner) [Bukhari and Muslim 31, 2888].
And saying: (unless spoken, or work) shows that the important sin if spoke what they are doing with his tongue that he be punished for concern then; because he had worked his physical faculties sin, which is to speak with the tongue, as evidenced by the modern API Kabshah former] who said: (if that money to me, because I worked in it what so and so work) means: who disobey Allah in his wealth, he said: (understanding of the burden of sin, both). "
Then he said, God's mercy:
"But if Anevscht intention, and is cooled determination of the cause of it, he will be punished for what they are doing from sin, or not?
This falls into two categories:
One of them: to be carefree sin risked danger, and did not Isaknh owner, did his heart hold him, but his hatred, and run from it, it is forgiven, a lousy Kalosaws which asked the Prophet - peace be upon him - her, he said: (That is clear faith) Narrated by Muslim, 132] ...
And came down the verse: {and that seems what in yourselves or conceal Ahacbkm by God will forgive whom He wills and punishes whom}, incision on the Muslims, and they thought the introduction of these thoughts in it, came down the verse that then, and the saying: {Our Lord does not endured what no energy We do} [Narrated by Muslim, 126], they stated that they have no capacity him, he is doing intakes, nor charged him .. and showed that to be the first verse spells out the designer ...
Section II: wills designed, which lies in the soul, and last, and cohabitant owner, this is also of two types:
One: What was an independent act of his own work hearts, Kalchuk in oneness, or prophecy, or the Baath, or other of infidelity and hypocrisy, or lie to the belief that, this whole punishable by a slave, and thus becomes an infidel and hypocrite ...
Attached to this section relating to other sins hearts, as love what God hates, and no matter what he loves God, and arrogance, and wonder ...
The second type: unless actions of the heart, but it was the work of prey, sexual relationships, theft, drinking alcohol, murder, slander, and so, if the servant insisted on the will of that, and determined it did not impact abroad shows him originally. This culpability in it there are two well for scientists:
One of them: be punished for it, "said Son of the Blessed asked Revolutionary Sufian: Oaaakhz Balhmh slave? He said, if the torque am taken away." He guessed this to say many scholars and modern speakers of our companions and others, and they quoted him as saying about - the Almighty -:
{And know that God knows what is in yourselves Vahdhiroh}, and saying: {but the intention in your hearts have earned}, and about the Prophet - peace be upon him -: (sin which wavers in your chest, and hated be consulted by the people) [Narrated by Muslim, 2553], and carried as saying - peace be upon him -: (Allah exceeded my nation what crosses their minds, unless spoken or working) on ​​passing thoughts, and said: What static slave, holding his heart him, he is of his earnings and his work, do not be Mafoa him .. .
The second opinion: Do not be punished for mere intention at all, and attributed it to the Shafi'i text, which is the view of Ibn Hamid of our companions in accordance Balamomat. Awfi narrated from Ibn Abbas is evidence like this to say ... "he finished, inclusive of science and governance: Explanation modern thirty-seventh (2 / 343-353) In short, the act goes.
That those with good and goodness, holding his heart and determination to it, wrote to him as he intended, even if he does not, even if the worker's wage better and higher.
Who are Bsaih, then leaving it to God, she wrote him a full good.
Who are Bsaih, and left for the people, or tried to, but if equally between them, I wrote it bad.
And those who are out, then cleave his intention, after the nuclei, it was just willingly with his heart, not be punished for it, but an act of hearts, which is the entrance to the predators out, it censured for it, although the acts of prey, insisted upon, and designed his intention on Mwaqatha, and more scholars as the intakes.
Nawawi said God's mercy after the transfer Palmaakhzh say about Albaqlani:
"The judge said Ayaz God's mercy General advances and scholars of modern scholars on the view of the judge Abu Bakr, the talk function on the work of culpability hearts.
But they said: This is determined writes bad, not bad that they are out because he did not dress it and to cut them categorically not fear God and turn, but the same persistence and determination sin, is recorded sin; if work started sin again, the left fear God Almighty wrote well, as in but the modern left of Gray became leaving her to fear God and striving hard in itself is inclined towards evil and disobedience so well-liked, either carefree who do not write the thoughts that are not self-endemic it is not accompanied by a contract nor the intention and determination) ended.
Explain Muslim (2/151).
And chose Ibn Rajab God's mercy that sin "but writes ideals of non-double, the penalty shall be the sin, not join it inspired her, as if the annexation to sin carefree out, punished the work of sin Aqhobtin, can not be said, this needs to be like him in good work, If it is after work inspired by, Othieb the good without the worry out, I say: this is forbidden, it is good work, wrote him a ten-fold, it may be that some of these proverbs penalty for them with good, and God knows best. " finish
God knows .

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SetupComputer1916 days ago


Read the Community Guidelines of Euask (check here: so that you may be guided in your postings in this forum.

In other forums, they have their set of guidelines which you can follow so that you become a good and productive member of that community.


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ryanaxis1914 days ago

I think people know the right and wrong question,First thing always think the site you will give the question like this site is not an adult site or porn site, thats why before you give question be caution because not all member of is 21 and up age, use only useful topic or question that can make the life of people easy and simpler. Remember euask is open community for sharing wholesome useful idea and with the gift of u.s dollar;)

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blueprism1913 days ago

No such thing as a bad question because the point of a question is to ask.

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alvindgreat1909 days ago

Hi @richkid.
A good question is something that excites the mind yet do not offend and fool anyone out of your own good.
A bad question however is otherwise. This types of questions tends to offend somebody and blackmail them in one way or another. It also contains hatred, anger, lust and all bad things that tends to welcome fear and evil to one's mind. Asking questions of which you already know the answer is a bad question, as well as non-sense questions or out of order ones.
I hope it helps.
High five!

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YX1908 days ago

i think.. the good question is if the question have a (secret) "purpose". like... you want to know where's the toilet, you ask a security guard and
"they will answer"/guide you.

other example, a teacher is asking students in his class(even if the teacher's already knows about the answer), the teacher did that because s/he just want the students to think and make their brain work.

well it's Just my opinion. sorry if you don't like it. hehee.

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