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will have on us and the way we live our lives? 5
Created by khurm, 1084 days ago, 1177 views

Can you name some extinct animals? What effect do you think the extinction of certain animals will have on us and the way we live our lives?
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serezha1017 days ago

Bityug - Russian breed of powerful horses. Posledny pigeon. Steller Cormorant.

According to the law of nature - the fittest survives, but human influence is now greatly changed this rule. The weak individuals are protected and supported, strong - catched and killed because of their worth. This leads to degradation of many animal species.
In the human world, the situation is similar: a man removed from nature without paying attention to it, immersed in his own created simulated world of new technologies. Meanwhile, the environment and the use of synthetic food products lead to degradation and destruction of mankind.
But we do not want to realize this and we can not change ourselves. It is more convenient to change the other. Man is weak in body and spirit...
And get weaker day after day. The conclusion suggests itself...

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CoolCat1011 days ago

Here is the list of 10 died out animals -
Of course this list is much longer, and it's very sad. All changes in nature good or bad will have an effect on us.

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