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If I could keep the previous version of Windows, not updating to WIN 10? Reward $2
Created by jackyjacky, 1390 days ago, 1661 views

Is that Ok? Could I do this ? guys
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SetupComputer1389 days ago


Of course, you could decide not to upgrade, but I encourage you to at least try out Windows 10. Promise, you'll be satisfied. It's desktop reloaded. I have upgraded two days ago. :)

The Start Menu has been revamped, with live tiles showing relevant content. These can be customized to your heart's content.

The Action Center have been merged with notifications and shortcuts for WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. In a glance, you'll know things like connectivity, system security notifications, incoming emails, etc.

There are new built-in applications for things you like the most, like Messaging + Skype, Windows Mail (without the need of Microsoft Outlook), Movies and TV, Xbox, and much more. Here I show my Gmail synched with Windows Mail.

The Control Panel of Windows 7 & 8, though still accessible, had been replaced by a new function called "Settings", which I think is more organized and direct to the point.

There is also the Windows Store, which is like Apple App Store and Google Play. You can find applications like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since I have Kindle books, I installed Kindle (See my start screen above).

On the technical side, upgrade was done without a fuss. All drivers from my Windows 7 setup worked perfectly. I noticed these changes:
1. File Transfer Rate MORE THAN DOUBLED, from 35 MBps to 80 MBps on my USB 3.0 slot. WOW!
2. I do things easier, since my Skype, Email and other accounts can be easily linked on my desktop.
3. It's easier to monitor notifications, so once I synched all, I can ditch my tablet.
4. There is a new MULTIPLE DESKTOP function, to assign different things to different desktops. For example, Desktop 1 = Work, Desktop 2 = Play, Desktop 3 = Social.
5. After I upgraded, I did a clean reformat to Windows 10, and EVERY DRIVER (including WiFi, bluetooth, intel graphics, nvidia graphics, etc., except USB 3.0) was already searched automatically by Windows Updates for me. No hassle at all!
6. I don't have a touchscreen, but Windows 10 can work absolutely fine and great without it.
7. Privacy settings are easier to configure than in previous Windows.
8. All files, apps and licenses remained intact after my upgrade.

I think in a few more days I'll discover more features, but as of now I can really recommend to you upgrading.

If you want to change your mind, you have 1 month to revert to the previous version of Windows you have without any hassle.

Try it. Cheers!

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ha141390 days ago

yes sure you do not have to update
How do I cancel my Windows 10 update?

Prevent the Windows 10 upgrade from installing after making your reservation

Windows 10 When I Want It


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alvindgreat1390 days ago

hi @jackyjacky.
Of course you could do that.
Anyway you're computer always ask you if you would allow auto-update.
Basically, Windows have that option to allow user to choose whether to update his version or not.
Look below.

You always have the option to declne the update.
Truth is, if you have smaller memory space and slow internet speed, it would be better to keep your previous version of Windows. You are not obliged to update anyways. Also, 3GB + file size for the update is a big chunk of space anyways; but the previous version of Windows you currently have is working just fine and have th same results as per your own need.
So I bellieve you can keep your Windows version without anything to worry.
Hope it helps.
High five!

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jackyjacky1389 days ago

Thanks ,guys!!

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littledevil6671389 days ago

Windows 10 has a better Direct X and needs less CPU than Windows 7

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kinzy20041388 days ago


I think you should go for an upgrade using latest technology always help you be faster and more protected

Read here

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fxpeace1388 days ago

i am upgrade in august when was in some kind beta state, now have windows 10 pro , but , (that but) my p.c. is not strong enough to handle all i need and what is offer from all that software so now i set old laptop down this one for sound and extra memory, both laptop are from same company, now when have connected all in house whats can sync i have not only p.c. office , multimedia system even virtual doctor and some sci-now like 3 D printer and much more for what need so much time and devices. But ,here is , still can not enter to my main FB timeline account more then 3 months from September ha-ha, and not know why, except i lost my phone number and even writing they still ... AI , good is they can not without us.

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jackyjacky1383 days ago

Thanks so much!

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SetupComputer1383 days ago


Thanks! I really suggest you do the move. After installing all updates and software I need, I find Windows 10 much better than Windows 7. It's desktop revamped.

Hehehe :)

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