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how can i prevent my son from playing gamesoncomputer and playstation games? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1887 days ago, 1627 views

my son is playing games 4 hours a day is there any good solution to prevent him to playing games for this long time ,thank you
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monroe1874 days ago

Take him outdoors and make him hang out with childrens outside, playing outdoor games interacting with real people will make gaming less important in his life. By playing outdoor games his health conditions also will improve.

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dspiegel1887 days ago

Find him a girlfriend

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alvindgreat1887 days ago

Hi @azzromyo
Below are the tips to make your son limit playing computer games.
1. Dedicate a time for study hours. Accompany him while studying his lessons. He is entering a delicate stage and it is a good idea that he develops a habit of having a specific study time. Also, it would be good if you will hire a private tutor too.
2. Create a reward system, if your son get a high score on his examinations, or a high mark on his class; reward him with something he really likes. This way, your son will develop the idea of working hard forr something he really want to achieve. Also, making him work for his wishlist is a good motivation also.
3. Engage him with real-life social activities. Youth today spend too much time on virtual or digital friends on social media and computer games. Make him understand the importance of having real friends and true games/sports. Let him go out of his comfort zone. Let him play and interact with other people outside your house rather than sit and play in the computer.
4. Let him develop a hobby or a sport. mAYBE TRY BASKETBALL, RUNNING, FOOTBALL OR SOMETHING. Playing computer games makes him forget the fun of playing actual sports. It is good also for his own health.
5. Enroll him to special classes, like voice/dance lessons, martial arts, swmming lessons or the like; depending on his interest. This way, he would lessen his dependence on computer gaming but will develop his social and interactive skills. Further, he will be fit and healthy too, thus making him have extra energy to study his lessons. Remember having a healthy body helps in having a healthy and sound mind.

Above all, discipline him. guide him and make him understand the pros and cons of too much computer games. Make him feel that you understand him and you care for him, that is why at an early age, you need to make him a better person.

Hope it helps you.
High five.

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azzromyo1887 days ago

Hi @alvindgreat

i will try these steps thank you friend

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RadioactiveMushroom1884 days ago

Pay him to do the chores around the house or if your really serious about his habit, you must take action by force and remove every console and dispose it / hide it. There are other alternatives that he can do to set his mind straight such as hanging out with friends that speak the same language, study the building blocks of what makes a game such as programming or get into sports / recreational activities etc.

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hamzababay961875 days ago

find him someone to be with or something else to get busy with.

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Danny1874 days ago
Follow these steps may this will be helpful
and the next thing is that you should check out your neighbours kids may be they are trying to disturbing your son or there should be another problem.Thanks

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YX1873 days ago

make a family date~ like go to camping/picnic/ aMusement park/ watch a movie/ swimming together every weekend.
also, if possible, invite cousin and the others(that close to your son), I am sure he will be interested to join that plan!

and if you want, you can Buy a special book just for your son, try to make Him make a diary every day. at least 1sentences a day. (if he lazy, just give him a reward every time he fiNish a diary), I am sure he will realized thay every he's doing is only playing and games......

when the mood it's already like that, try to speak with your son, maybe like... make him realize that every he just doing that. ask him "what so you want to be and what do you want to do in the future? everything is okay, just write it on a paper." (don't make it look sarcastic, I am afraid that your son will be angry with you and it would be hard to make him listen to you annymore.)
after asked that, make him write the answer in a paper like :
-i want to be a xxx
-i want to travel to around the world!
-i want to xxx
-blablabla etc

Personally, I think the point / solution is to make your son to reaLize about him self.

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