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One year old dog snaps if I try to open her mouth. Reward $2
Created by noor1391, 1090 days ago, 1306 views

We have a one year old shih-tzu dog that we got as a 2 month old puppy. She is extremely sweet and calm and not territorial about food, toys, etc. However, if she has something small in her mouth that I need to get out, she growls as a warning and if I try to open her mouth, she bites.

She wasn't always like this and we used to be able to take things out of her mouth when necessary but at this point, she's not having it. For example, last night she had a small candy wrapper in her mouth and when I gently tried open her mouth to remove it, she growled a few times and ultimately snapped.

Like I said, she's not aggressive or territorial about anything else but my worry is if she eats something that has to come out, I'm not sure how I'll be able to handle it. I'd also like to curb this aggressive tendency before it leads to anything else.

What the best way to handle this?
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azzromyo1090 days ago

Hi @noor1391

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joytotheworld950 days ago

Make her get used to touching her mouth by giving her treats whenever you do it. First, touch her mouth even though she doesn't have anything in it and give her a treat if she doesn't snap. You should also do the same when she has something in her mouth like food, toys, candy wrapper, etc. This will teach her that you holding her mouth and taking away whatever she has there is a good thing. Remember, that it will not work right away. You have to be very patient and consistent with your training. This may take weeks or even months.

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