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Is it necessary for teenagers to do homework? Reward $2
Created by christine, 1931 days ago, 1893 views

There are more and more homework for teenagers to do, which takes up too much of their free time. It seems like the homework is endless. Is it really necessary for teenagers to do homework?
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ZzMrXzZ1931 days ago

Homework is the best way to practice our knowledge. Learning without practicing won't help you remember a thing.

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moderiraq1931 days ago

Yes, to improve their skills in writing and reading.

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nikolai851931 days ago

Окон 10 было отличное путешествие так далеко. Следуя плану у нас был намечен в июне, больше чем 110 миллионов устройств обновили. Если вы уже используете Windows 10 – спасибо!

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azzromyo1931 days ago

Hi @christine
read this:



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nikolai851931 days ago

знание учится надо

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ryanaxis1931 days ago

yes my dear because homework is a tool for learning and idea.

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webby1931 days ago

If wanna learn something for good, you need to practice! ;)

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alvindgreat1930 days ago

Hi @christine Of course
Homeworks are made to practice students specially teenagers the idea of responsibility and focus.
Teenagers are being prepared by their respective professors to be ready in life, to plan ahead and practice. Homework creates the idea of having a good study habit, palnning and studying ahead, preparedness and practice itself.
Those traits are essential to students specially teenagers not only inside the four corners of the classroom; but more specifically in life itself.
Therefore teenagers should welcome the idea of homework and look at it as a stepping stone and preparatory step towards life outside the school campus.
High five.

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SetupComputer1930 days ago


Homeworks are needed to reinforce the initial learning a student gets inside the classroom. Like what @webby said, students need to practice.

You can cheat on homeworks, but you can't cheat on life (unless you'd do illegal stuff). So students should diligently do the professor's instructions for his/her own good.


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Ramesh1930 days ago

Yes of course homework is necessary, it will increase their knowledge and it will help them to revise whatever thought in school.

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brewhaha1930 days ago

Not at all, unless you want to be dumb and stupid simply relying for the rest of your life on MaObama handouts, welfare and whatever else the government might be willing to give you while you're out protesting the misguided belief that the minimum wage is too low; only to discover that a robot has replaced you at your hamburger flipping job. What do you think?

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margaretcogburn1917 days ago

Home work is good but overloaded work will not benefit. Essay writing is good for your career. You can take help from admission essay writing service to complete your essay.

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