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How to setup dual booting for two OS's Properly? Reward $2
Created by FixitJorge, 760 days ago, 927 views

how do i setup my pc to Dual Boot into 2 Operating Systems like Windows/Linux. but if one gets corrupted it will not affect the other OS partition.
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azzromyo760 days ago

Hi @FixitJorge
read this carefully :

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dholon760 days ago

Hi @FixitJorge All you need is there-

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Dik760 days ago

Here you go:

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m1d1759 days ago

The best way is to install Windows first, then to install Linux (?buntu).
Linux will install the bootloader grub2 (usually you install it to /dev/sda) and grub detects that windows is installed.
You can select windows in the boot-up menu on boot then.

If you want to be windows as the default boot after the timeout edit /etc/defaults/grub and set GRUB_DEFAULT=0
to the windows entry (first is 0 third is 2 and so on, you need to boot one time to see which entry windows is)
you can change the timeout seconds by setting GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 to 3 for three seconds.

After your edit is complete and saved you need to run "sudo update-grub2" to generate the new bootloader settings.

One OS corruption will not affect the OS on another partition. But if both partitions are on the the same drive and the drive is defect it might affect both partitions (OSes).

When windows is getting corrupted and you need to reinstall it, the bootloader is beeing overwritten by windows and you have to set it up again
which is not so easy (booting from linux DVD, mounting and chrooting the linux partitions and update-grub2 again).
There is a tool which might help called boot-repair ( ).

If Linux is beeing corrupted (why should it?) simply reinstall from DVD.

Make backups to be safe, using eg. clonezilla ( )!

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FixitJorge759 days ago

Thank you! I read the article and it answered my question perfectly.

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FixitJorge759 days ago

Thank you so much but your instructions were too difficult to read and I'm more of a step by step visual person. I really appreciate the effort to help me.

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azzromyo759 days ago

hi @FixitJorge
you're welcome

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