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i am addict to cigarettes? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1977 days ago, 2081 views

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nikolai851974 days ago

проста брось это просто по бухай бадяги неделю бросиш сам так делал

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Nijat1977 days ago

Determine the amount of money you spend for cigarettes per day, month, year, and think about what you could do with that money on a better way. Then start to save money.

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shibuza1977 days ago

I'm 63 and the only way I've seen work for people to quit permanently was COLD TURKEY. And only 2 men managed to do it . My Dad (91) quit 55 years ago and when we last spoke about smoking a few years ago he said he still occasionally had a craving. The other man was a friend from college who quit in 1975 and was smoke free until at least New years 2000 (the last time I saw him)

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WolfCrates1977 days ago

hahaha im 24 and i became chain smoker since i was in college due to ass loads of stress.

HERE's my tip.. turn to vaping and roll-up cigarettes :). switch back and forth to cigs.
it will minimize your smoking counts and roll-up cigarettes is an art and takes time. so it slows you down.
keep a packet of cigarette for emergency craving and put it far away or hard to reach places.

im down to 1-2 sticks per day and no longer waking up feeling like i just got strangled by someone.

theres tobacco flavor for vaping btw. dont pick the fruity one, the fruity ones just gonna make you smoke a real cig. plus vaping takes maintenance on the device which you can find in youtube. so again it will take your minds off cigs and focus on maintaining your vaping device, perfecting your roll-up cigs and before you know it. you're smoking lesser & lesser.

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maren1977 days ago

Just your will

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xilolee1977 days ago

Stop buying and asking cigarettes.

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ryanaxis1977 days ago

i think you always remember the causes and effect of the cigarettes in you, and remember smoking is a contributor of global warming.

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Bockson1977 days ago

You should smell the ashtray often. Maybe it could create some repulsive effect to smoking. And take some beer nibbles/chewing gums in periods of smokers crisis.
Good luck!

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richkid1977 days ago

Hi @azzromyo.
I know you are poor. That is why you have to see this as you partime.
Then think of all the money you used to buy a cigarette. Say you smoke one box per day. How much is it cost in a week, a month and a year. Imagine if you saved all those money in a bank. You should have your car like me by now.
You may be richer than me if you stop your cigarette ASAP.

More, cigarette causes bad breath. I think you dont want your fuck buddy to get turned off at your breath when you two make love. It also makes you perform worse in bed. you dont like that, don't you?
It may cause you to be impotent also too.
Imagine if a stick shorten your life by 12 hours, you must be dead soon.
It is better to be sex addict than to be smoke addict.

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igor1976 days ago

Only when you will understand what harm smoking to your health does. Life is a happiness, and smoking you kills. When you bring a cigarette to labiums, imagine that it is the gun.

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nikolai851974 days ago

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