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My mobile go black screen everytime I use the new apps Reward $2
Created by Igotthis, 1008 days ago, 1095 views

I install a games named monster quest recently, everytime I open it, my mobile go black screen.
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Dik1008 days ago

I think that the apps goes beyond your mobile RAM supported, if you still want to play the games, then install android4x or bluestack on your laptop if you have and play it dude

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azzromyo1008 days ago

Hi @Igotthis
i think your mobile can't run this for that the screen goes to black

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GaM21008 days ago

hi @Igotthis

Maybe You Uninstall Apps Above 1GB

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SetupComputer1008 days ago

Hi @Igotthis

There are several reasons for that:

1. You have insufficient RAM. Install RAM boosters like Wise Fastimizer to free up some RAM.

2. Your phone's CPU overheats. As a protection against permanent damage, other heat-producing elements like the screen will be turned off. Use a task manager app like CleanerMaster to kill some apps before you play the game to free up some load.

3. Your OS and/or UI is not updated. Go to Settings > About > System Updates (depends on model) or to the Update Section and update to the latest version.

4. You have insufficient memory. Uninstall some apps, or buy a new and higher SD Card. If your phone is allowed, move apps to the SD Card to free up space in the internal memory.

I hope these suggestions help you. Cheers!

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ha141008 days ago

it can be your mobile not supported

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