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What's the difference between 2GB PC ram and 2 GB smartphone ram? 5
Created by Carlos, 1776 days ago, 3123 views

If a smartphone has 2 GB of ram, it's almost enough for most phones, while it is far from enough for a PC to run multi-tasks. What's the difference between 2GB PC ram and 2 GB smartphone ram?
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GaM21775 days ago

ROM (Read Only Memory) is a memory or storage space on a device for storing system information, data and other programs of an operating system (OS). As the name alone Read Only, this memory can only be read but can not be accessed as required and had written data. To be able to access them, require special treatment. Usually fill Rom data is from the device manufacturer factory. So the outline Rom is its storage space can only be read but can not be accessed by the user.
RAM (Random Access Memory) is a memory or data storage space on a device that the data is stored outside the system. Because the data is stored outside the system, then the data can be accessed freely by users. The capacity of the size of this RAM affects the speed of a device or in other words the speed of the system, the more data is read and stored by the ram then space ram will wane since ram is space that is used to run the activities of a program that was opened in when the device is turned on. So more or less applications that we install on a device determines the size of RAM space when the application is run / walk.
Differences ROM and RAM in outline, namely,
At the ROM does not require flow kistrik to store the data and including memory nonVelatile. Non velatile Memory is memory that the data is stored permanently and will not be erased even if the device is turned off or sudden death. Thus the data and information is still intact and safe when the device is dead because membuthkan no electricity or power for velatile meyimpannya.RAM including memory types, the opposite of non velatile, which is a type of memory that is not permanent and the data stored could at any time be lost when the device is off. Because of this memory requires power or electricity to keep it. Therefore when the device is off, then the data will be erased as the loss of power in these devices.

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Reck1776 days ago

It is the diffenrence of the mobile applications and computer applications, not the RAM dude. Even the Mobile OS is much lighter than the computer OS

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ravinskij11423 days ago

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