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Where put all my money? Reward $2
Created by richkid, 1939 days ago, 1991 views

I have a very big problem i dont know where to put my money. i cant sleep sometimes thinking someone is that going to steal my money as i fell asleep. i have a lot of cash under my bed. i have also some in my pockets and in my cabinet. what to do?
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Rconner3811939 days ago

Put your money in a credit union checking account. Most don't have a minimum balance.

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Silveringot1939 days ago

You can the money in a bank
if you don't trust banks you can always try a *Safe* but safes so make tempting targets for robbers so be cautious when using one.

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Seer1939 days ago

I am going to offer you a solution to each problem:
First as for the wallet, you will want to get a wallet with a chain(Not an Aluminum chain, one made of steel, or if you can afford it Titanium.) to defend against a would be pickpocket. I assume you know how to hook a chained wallet to your pants.

Secondly, for the concern of money under your bed and cabinets, I would start investing in a stable mutual fund, otherwise if its not over 100k place it in a bank. (If you don't trust banks, read below, even if you do still read below)

Lastly, if you are loaded with cash have a safe built, or if your are not so loaded, buy a small safe or a medium sized safe. Only someone who knows how and has the experience to crack safes will be able too. There are also safes that can only be unlocked at certain times of the day(You can set the time of day in most cases)
I would recommend Brownsafe.

(Unrelated note: If you want to make your money grow, then you should create an investment portfolio that works for you.)

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mckaylisa1939 days ago

you can give it to me ill look after it for ya lol

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gt23781939 days ago

Change your cash to $100 bills. Place each $100 bill with a set page number in a book. Place all the book with cash in one pile, and one without. You can easily count how many book to see how much you have. Unless the thief is a book reader, your cash is safe. He has to finish certain pages to find that cash. If he has to steal your cash, he has to open all the books or to steal all the books from you. It will be a bit heavy to finish the task. Now, if you have more cash to do this efficiently, you could purchase Cashier check made out to yourself and hide the check as the way I mentioned before. But, always keep an log so you know exactly where is your money and how much do you have. Now, if you have more money than to use the 2nd step efficiently, you have to pay me more to find out.

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ourlife1937 days ago

help the most destitute and poor people,
donate to charities. it is a gesture made by a human being with a big heart.
but also think about investing in a profitable project.
better than to hide them in a bank.

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azzromyo1937 days ago

Hi @richkid
this link helps you :

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alvindgreat1937 days ago

Hi @richkid If you have a lot and don't know what to do with it, you might want to try donating to foundations with a good cause. There are a lot of foundations and rganizations now that has a very good purpose. Give your money to them. Anyways, you can't bring your money in your deathbed. So make your money really count.
High five kid!

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igor1935 days ago

It not a problem. The problem-where to take money.

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SetupComputer1935 days ago


You can try to do any of the following:
* Deposit it in your trusted bank for safekeeping
* Invest it in a Mutual Fund, Treasury Notes, FOREX or Stocks to grow it
* Share your money with your parents, siblings, or try to donate to charitable institutions like orphanages, Red Cross, etc.
* Buy something rewarding, like a nice car
* Travel the world. Go to places like the Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Jeju Island, Japan, Rome, Jerusalem, Israel, etc.
* Adopt a child
* Buy a nice telescope and stargaze
* Enroll in a class to learn new things like cooking, music, machine repair, etc.
*Upgrade your desktop and laptop, as well as cellphone and tablet to a new one
* Buy a new musical instrument or upgrade your old one and rock on
* Upgrade your sound system and boom your entire pod / house
* Have a new pet, like a dog and teach it tricks


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uran1932 days ago

продай все свое имущество .раздай все свои деньги бедным а сам иди на улицу . Бог в помощь.

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nikolai851931 days ago

че деньги некуда деть дай мне

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SetupComputer1930 days ago

Or, you could send me all your money via paypal, send to
If you don't want your money anymore. LOL

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Ramesh1930 days ago

You can keep your money in bank locker.

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Rchd1971765 days ago

keep ur money safe send it to my paypal account :

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thelivewire1684 days ago

Hi @richkid

I know you are rich. No question. But, if you have a lot and generous enough, you might want to try donating to foundations, non-profit organizations with a good cause. You may want to offer to a church. There are a lot of foundations and organizations now that has a very good purpose, find them online. Help the needy y sharing the blessings you got. Better give than receive, right?. Anyways, you can't bring your money in your deathbed. So make your money really count.

High five kid!

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