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Created by noor1391, 1136 days ago, 1272 views

What's going to happen when Microsoft owns Nokia's smartphone division?
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kinzy20041136 days ago

Nothing more than you can see windows mobile are failing behind android and apple os

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shahid1136 days ago

Microsoft Mobile is a multinational mobile phone and mobile computing device manufacturing company headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. It is a legal body that oversees and legally represents the activities in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, related accessories and services.

Microsoft Mobile was established following the acquisition of Nokia's Devices and Services division by Microsoft, which was completed in April 2014.

Microsoft Mobile got the right to sell mobile phones under the Nokia brand name as part of a 10-year licensing agreement, as long as those phones are based on the S30+ platform which comprises feature phones. Future "Lumia" smartphones fell out of this license and couldn't be released bearing the Nokia brand.[2][3] In October 2014, it was announced that future Lumia devices would carry the Microsoft name and logo instead of "Nokia".[4]

Microsoft Mobile is one of Microsoft's various hardware divisions, others include Surface, Band, HoloLens and Xbox.
By now you've no doubt heard today's surprising news; Microsoft has gobbled up Finland's finest phone division in a $7.2 billion deal. On the surface, it's a takeover that doesn't make much sense. But when you look closer, it... still doesn't make much sense. But that doesn't mean we can't try.

Let's start with what Microsoft is and is not getting, at least on paper. For those billions, Microsoft gets in return:

Nokia's smartphone and mobile phone business, including the manufacturing and assembly bits.
Nokia personnel, including the design team, the sales/operations team, and the Stephen Elop team.
A buncha patents, but not all the patents.
The ability to license Nokia HERE map technology, but not HERE itself, which come on.
A place to crash in Finland.
Which, hey, nice, not bad. But also, arguably, totally unnecessary.

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azzromyo1136 days ago

Hi @noor1391

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GaM21136 days ago

Some of the reasons nokia setbacks: 1. Pride as ruler With the achievement as the ruler of the mobile world over the last 14 years nokia feel that they are unmatched in the mobile phone manufacturers, with a market share that is so large it makes them did not prepare the plan of the development of the gadget world. 2. The arrival of Stephen Elop Elop is a former Microsoft business division lead (Microsoft Office). He was the first CEO of Nokia were not "sons of the soil". 21 September 2010, Elop officially a new captain. Great expectations weighing on his shoulders. High Expectations want Nokia quickly sober up after a prolonged swoon. Of course not easy homework bear. Elop should be able to lift Nokia to return afloat after sinking crushed Blackberry, Apple iPhone, and segerbong keroyokan phones based on Android. However, three years at the helm of Nokia, the company's revenue declined 40 percent. Profit dropped 95% and the share price dived 60 percent. Nokia values ​​slumped down with a market capitalization of USD 13 billion. To survive, Elop heart to lay off 40,000 employees and cut operating costs by 50 percent. That's not enough, Symbian shut down in 2011. MeeGo also suspended development because they are not aligned. Then, Nokia chose lovely heart to Windows Phone. And finally ended in the acquisition of the fate of Nokia mobile division of Nokia by Microsoft, and do you know turned out to be a CEO Stephen Elop returned by Microsoft's mobile division. 3. Too late aware of the development of mid-year 2010 operating system, Android is starting to look and the stretching of the major vendors busy to support it. But then, Nokia has said it will not use Android because of confidence in the strength of the software. This was confirmed Anssi Vanjoki, who at that time served as Executive Vice President General Manager of Multimedia Nokia. According to him, Nokia does not intend to join in other vendors who make Android devices. We had no plans to introduce a device that uses Android, he said. Finnish vendor, continued Vanjoki, has set MeeGo and Symbian as the soul for the future of Nokia's phone line is undeniable, this is our challenge in the future. Namely to bring products and services that you dream of, so it can be an inspiration to create and do something new in this digital world, said Vanjoki. Actually Symbian is not ugly in fact very interesting, but as the development of mobile phone operating system is so rapid users of Symbian getting fed up with Symbian OS and decided to try turning on android and ios of apple, because of the lack of a massive development for Symbian OS from Nokia. For Windows Phone OS itself feels like a half-hearted one priority of Microsoft from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, its development as cool and calm, there is an assumption that Microsoft was deliberately doing that to smooth the decline of Nokia's mobile division and the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. Had the first prestige NOKIA not reject Google with Android OS, may NOKIA skrg remain a global market share of the world's largest mobile phone market. It's all been happening and Nokia now a distant memory, but it certainly will imprint memories for us, brand million people who certainly has its own characteristics that can not be replaced.

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ZzMrXzZ1132 days ago

Nothing but they will call Nokia by Windowsphone

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