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how does the sim card work?? Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1906 days ago, 2083 views

how does the sim card work??
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kinzy20041906 days ago

this explains a lot

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nino20181905 days ago

hi@azzromyo Ever wonder what exactly that tiny SIM card in the side of your AT&T/GSM iPhone or iPad 3G is and what it does? The short answer is, it's a Subscriber Identity Module, and it is a small circuit board which is placed in your iPhone (or any GSM phone) in order to identify it to your carrier. It's why you can swap SIMs in GSM phones and your phone number, voice, and data plans are swapped right along with it. Unfortunately, it's also why you can't just take a SIM-locked AT&T iPhone and run in on another carrier. For the long answer, stay with us after the break!

A SIM card is internationally identified by its Integrated circuit card identifier (ICC-ID) which is engraved on the body of the card. They are also identified by the carrier from its International mobile subscriber identity (IMSI). Beyond identification, SIM cards (mini SIM in iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS and micro SIM in iPhone 4 and iPads), have several other functions.

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GaM21899 days ago

~~> Subscriber Identity Module is temporary, meaning that it can be moved on a number of mobile phones. SIM stores information such as phone numbers, text messages and other data. Analogous to a small hard drive that can activate the phone automatically when plugged into a device.

Simcard storing information relating to the network that is used for authentication (authentication) and identification of the user. The most important data are: number of identity card (ICCID Integrated Circuit Card ID), number international users (IMSI, International Mobile Subscriber Identity), a key authentication (Ki, Authentication Key), area code (LAI, Local Area Identity), and number of emergency call operator. SIM also stores the number for the SMS service center (SMSC, Short Message Service Center), service provider name (SPN Service Provider Name), and others

At pin Simcard must consist of 6 Pin .. consisting of:

Simclock, is the frequency of the clock signal to synchronize the digital data to make the data signal when transferring or sending and receiving data information.
2. Simdata, is the digital data stored in the SIM memory
3. Simreset, this is also the frequency signals that trigger or reset all of the synchronization process
4. vsim, is a power supply voltage is used to activate the SIM circuit.
5. Ground, voltage gound
6. Nc (Not Connetcetd)

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Silveringot1893 days ago

Oh gosh, My mom has this old phone and it EATS sim cards. (Every 1.5 years get a new sim card)

Sim cards is basically a part of your phones brain without it your phone can't make calls, texts, receive calls, ETC.

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nikolai851891 days ago

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