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what is the best supplement & protein for bodybuilding? 5
Created by andewande, 993 days ago, 911 views

what is the best supplement & protein for bodybuilding?
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ukgolde992 days ago

I heard somewhere that for protein: lean chicken/turkey and whey protein shakes are good along with white egg omelettes for breakfast (composed of at least 8 egg whites). But it really depends on your age, weight, level of activity, goals etc. As for supplements, it again depends on your age and activity levels. I would honestly find an experienced bodybuilder local to you and ask them for advice.

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DanielLee5655 days ago

I like one from Vega ( here's a detailed review , supplemental shake ), excellent product able to replace 1-2 meals. It is very nutritional and tastes greatly, btw.

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lisasmalls653 days ago

have the same question, but I think I will consult my personal trainer :)

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