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its occurrence at this point in history? 5
Created by gabber, 1309 days ago, 1199 views

What is meant by the phrase "the rise of religious fundamentalism"? Is it an actual current phenomenon? If so, what accounts for its occurrence at this point in history?
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shahab1309 days ago

It's a propaganda that the media created to scare weak minded Muslims and non Muslims; to know the fundamentalist of an idea is good because it shows that you're learning de ground up; so if Muslims go back to the fundament of Islam that means rehire learning their religion foundation up which is how it should be; the media don't want this so they attaching negative association with that word so people become weary of it and don't embrace it as much; it's a big evil movement to destroy Islam slowly basically. When Muslims practice their true religion that's when they're the strongest and the west don't want that. So they categorize things such into moderate/extreme/fundamentalist Muslims to break down Muslims; it all goes back to divide and conquer.

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