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Would you like to learn diving? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1425 days ago, 1168 views

lonely sport ? expensive game? any ideas?
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SetupComputer1425 days ago

Of course!

When I learned snorkeling, I thought I was gonna suffocate, since you are forced to breathe through your mouth, which means your lungs will not expand as much as when you breathe naturally. Add the pressure of water, your lungs would definitely be harder to expand. You take in less oxygen, so you find it hard to breathe. But once you learn the technique, you can swim just barely exposing the tube to breathe, and enjoy the sights below! But, you stay on the surface. :(

It's much more fun if you learn to dive! You can actually go deeper. Again, you have to learn the breathing technique. I can't dive - YET, but I plan to learn it. Not only the breathing technique, the air mixture is also important. As you go deeper, you add more tanks (different gases) and adjust it. It's an expensive hobby, by the way. But, I will study it sometime in the near future. I don't know the technicalities of diving, but I guess it's fun to learn it.

Once you learn it, your best buddy would probably be a good underwater camera.


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ZzMrXzZ1425 days ago

Before anyone answer your question, lemme ask you one. Why do you keep asking more and more question but never mark anyone as best answer? So curious to know

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oxana1425 days ago

lonely sport

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jackyjacky1418 days ago

I think the first thing we surf in forum is to get some useful information or share ideas with smart or interesting ppl far away from us in location, but NOT to get the pocket money. It's just adding a little fun to our life. I don't think most ppl are serious for that. Really confused if anybody regards this game as part time job. If I think the answer is just meaningless, I will follow my own rules not releasing any rewards. But I will give out more rewards as much as I can.

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alvindgreat1418 days ago

I support you in that one.
Some people tend to look at it as a part time job, while to me it is viewed as a leisure time. Well, I got to help others, share my views, opinions and perspective, I got to practice my English and meet different kind of people with different perspective and views in life.
You cant have that if you would just waste your time in Facebook or twitter right?

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