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Who is the very observer men or women Reward $2
Created by azzromyo, 1927 days ago, 1786 views

if you want to describe someone who can give you the best description the man or woman .and why?
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nino20181926 days ago

@azzromyo men is the very note

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disodude1926 days ago

What is a "very note"?

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soap1925 days ago

mens are and nnot womens heu dsifgs gkdihd

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Aravi1718 days ago

I think both are nearly equally observed. They are very observer in their respective domine which best suits them naturally.

Female, by nature, good at certain sectors like handeling child, language, software realted sectors, learning,teaching,etc. Males, by nature, good at hard working phisical sectors,Defence, Time punctuality, rigid lifestyle,etc.

But the above mentioned are commenly present in all, but the ratio will slightly differes between 2 gender. Both gender try their level best to keep their upperhand on the sector.

However, till date, men play superiority role most. Because, except few exceptions, all over the world, men have ruled the earth for several century. Still they have the treditional upper hand on any domain.

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