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does the heart have a brain of its own? 5
Created by azzromyo, 1927 days ago, 1477 views

one friend tell me :does the heart have a brain of its own?
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docspaugh121926 days ago

Our body is connected in many ways. If you remove one aspect that system, it affects all of the other systems.

The heart and the brain are connected, much like the gut and the brain are connected.

Almost 90% of the neurotransmitters that our brain uses to make us feel excited, happy, and motivated are actually made in our 'gut' or our digestive system. If our gut is happy, then our brain is happy.

The heart definitely DOES have its own nervous system. You can remove a heart from a person's body and will continue to beat as long as it has fuel for the cells which are called the mitochondria.

Does the heart THINK and FEEL like the brain? Those two systems are too interconnected to distinguish their functions when it comes to thinking and feeling.

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Silveringot1927 days ago

The heart pumps because the brain tells it to. The only reason (I think) that a heart pumps a few times after death is because the heart is a muscle and it is super strong so after the brain dies it would have enough energy to pump a few more times.

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beatrix1927 days ago

Yes. I famous song has been written about that.
It was titled "My heart has a mind of its own" by Christian Bautista. Check for the lyrics on the link below:

It has a very good tempo and a really inspiring song.

Happy listening

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alvindgreat1927 days ago

What an epic reply from @beatrix. It was a definitely good song.

Cheers @azzromyo. I feel that my brain is telling me I'm getting the best answer now!

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