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how can i calculate the capacity of cold room 5
Created by azzromyo, 1929 days ago, 2829 views

how can i calculate the capacity of cold room if i want to build one
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SetupComputer1929 days ago

What cold room? A room freezer? Or an airconditioned room?

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azzromyo1928 days ago

A room freezer, and i want to calculate the capacity of the compressor which i can used show me the scientific method thank you in advance

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eradaec1814 days ago

In order to estimate the capacity of the compressor in BTU (British Thermal Units) for your room freezer, you will need to know the values of the following parameters/variables:

Room length / width / height, Holding Temp., Ambient Temp., type of product (meat, beer, etc.), product temp. (when you put it in the freezer), insulation type of walls / ceiling / floor , and room window usage (without windows, with glass windows...). The calculations involved are a little complex and rather boring, but fortunately, there are online BTU calculators that may do the job, like this one:

With this type of calc, you can easily determine compressor's BTU capacity "the easy way". Hope this helps.

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maren1714 days ago

You want to calculate Volume of room? Use mathematic formula from geometry - if is your room room CUBE, volume is = A 3

If is your room rectangular prism volume is A B C

BUT V is simple to calculate. You need to know others parameters
For what you need that freezer? For fruit or for meat? Its not seem thing.

I must confes that given link in post of eradaec is very good

Here you really can calculate all what you need to know.
Use this link.

I think that eradaec give best answer for your question.

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