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How to stop yourself from going back to sleep after waking up? Reward $2
Created by claire, 1964 days ago, 2842 views

I usually go back to sleep after waking up in the morning, Yes, it is a bad habit, how should I stop myself from going to sleep again? thanks!
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ghostmayer1964 days ago

Eat an apple when you awake.. Apple stimulate more than coffe and while your stomach in work it wont be able to re sleep.

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AmericanDawg1964 days ago

Hi @claire.

The trick that works for me is to get on your feet and start moving , take some deep breaths and do a quick chore. (something that only takes a few minutes )
Before you know it you'll feel wide awake.

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SetupComputer1964 days ago


If I really need to wake up early, I'll come to bed early. There's a saying, "early to bed, early to rise". Your body would naturally feel awake and energized in the morning if you got a good night sleep.

To help my body recognize it's already morning and not sleep again after I wake up, before I sleep, I open the curtains so that sunshine will enter in the morning and give my body the signal that it's time to wake up. Then, I do the beddings to have something to perk me up.

Establish this as a habit, and you'll automatically wake up early even if you don't use an alarm clock. They say it takes at least 2 weeks of repeatedly doing something to make it a habit.

I hope this helps you rise and shine!!


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ZzMrXzZ1964 days ago

Nothing can help if you let yourself fall asleep right after you wake up. However, if you already wake up and do something, then take a shower, this will instantly remove the sleepiness.

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alvindgreat1964 days ago

Hi @claire.
I used to do that too when I'm still in school.
Now that I graduated and working in a prestigious company, I used to conquer that kind of habit.

Below are the tips to help you in such problem:
1. Exercise after waking up. Develop it as a habit. Sooner or later, you will be used to it. You will not be late for work / school or any appointments if you simply try to take away such habit of yours. As a reward, you'll get healthy and fit too.
2. Review notes or study important documents / files from the previous day.
3. Plan your day. I used to make a "To Do List" everyday when I wake up, or if deemed necessary. I do this when I wake up in the morning. In this way, I do not forget any detail of my target for the day or deadlines to make. It also helps that the mind is so focused after waking up, and you can clearly organize or plan your day ahead of time.
4. Organize things. Prepare your bag and other luggages so as not to forget important files / items.
5. Cook and have breakfast. It is very important not to miss your breakfast. It keeps you fueled for the entire day. It is said that this is the most important meal of the day. So the next time you feel the desire to go back to sleep after waking up; just rise and prepare a good breakfast for your self.
6. Watch news or read newspapers. It is better to keep informed about local events and happenings.
7. Daydream. I used to daydream after waking up. I just close my eyes and think that I won millions of dollars in a megalotto. I daydream that I am in beautiful places and living the times of my life. Do this and BE inspired. Just dont forget reality.
8. Pray that you have to live another day of your life. Think that If you go back to bed and sleep again, you may not wake up again. LOL. Kidding aside, be thankful of it to the Lord and start your day with a big bang.

Those are some of the things I used to conquer the same concern.
I hope you find it relevant and helpful.
Start your day with a bang and wiggle-wiggle that sleepyhead away.
Rise and shine @claire.

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rath8521964 days ago

just when you wake up jump like a spring from your bed and do some light exercise like crunches etc

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shiro1963 days ago

Wake up, and go work ;)

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dangerfield_tech1963 days ago

Prepare the night before: Have your clothes ready, toothpaste on the brushes' bristles, ready to go, and do not allow yourself the luxury of snoozing. Care. :D

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azzromyo1962 days ago

Hi@claire try these :
1. Drink a glass of water
2. Exercise
3. Don’t drink coffee… everyday
4. Breathe deeply
5. Have something to be excited about
6.Get up straight away
Each of these tips works. I have tried it on myself and my friends. And the great thing is that the more of these tips you apply the fresher you will feel when you wake up. Try them yourself.

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docspaugh121962 days ago

The key to waking up and establishing that cycle is to expose your eyes to sunlight.

When you wake up, try to immediately go expose yourself to sunlight (even if its cold). When full spectrum sunlight reaches your eyes, it travels to a part of the brain called the Suprachiasmic Nucleus (SCN). This then sends a signal to your brain (the hypothalamus) that its time to wake up.

The hypothalamus is the part of your brain that controls many hormones in your body. So sunlight is the 'wake up' signal for the brain to change production of hormones that keep us up and awake such as cortisol.

Doing this also helps you sleep the following night as it controls the circadian cycle of melatonin, which is our 'sleep well' hormone.

So sunlight or full spectrum light first thing in the morning will help you wake up as well as help you go to sleep at a good time the following night. If you sleep well during the night, you'll have an easier time waking up and staying awake the following morning.

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