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How do you judge a loser or failure? 5
Created by jackyjacky, 1432 days ago, 1251 views

I found an interesting question. "I only earn USD $15 000 per month. Am I a failure?"
It's funny. So I share this with friends here.
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SetupComputer1432 days ago

Well, who says he's a failure, or I'm a failure, or you're a failure?

We sometimes tend to judge someone based on our own prototypes, but I'd rather see the positive side of things and let the person himself determine if he's a failure or not based on his own assessment of his life.

Income-wise, from my perspective, it's actually enough to live, so it's not a failure for me.


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jackyjacky1418 days ago

I like your view,buddy! Could I just leave this question open to make more attention from ppl, is that Ok?

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SetupComputer1418 days ago


Yup, sure. It's my pleasure.


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alvindgreat1418 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky.

Why do we, people oftentimes label a person based on their social status or financial capability?
Anyways, from my own perspective, earning $15 000USD per month IS A BIG CHUNK OF MONEY. How can anyone call or label that person a Loser or a Failure?
If that is the income of a failure or a loser, what do they call us? Garbage? Or cockroach? I only earn 500USD per month. My father only earns 150USD per month; and he has to raise all of his eight siblings (including me) when I was only at school. So how do you call that? Loser or Failure? That is unacceptable.

To me, income and financial status of a person is not synonymous to being a failure or a loser. Sometimes living a simple way of life is a bigger achievement than having more money, but happiness is empty.

I hope the world is full of people who sees things on a brighter side, on a lighter note. I hope we people are contented of what we have and be appreciative of the blessings we get from God.

That way, The world would be a better place to live.

I hope you share this @jackyjacky to those people who ask those kind of question. We earn little, but we are happy and we consider ourselves achievers.

Godbless. High five buddy!

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jackyjacky1418 days ago

I could read the arrogance who said this sentence. He/she is so proud to earn that big money. We all know the average wage for an ordinary person. He/she knows clearly most of us could not get USD $15 000 per month and would not regard him/her as a loser. He/she means we are losers.

Why I post it here? I wish to expose his /her ugly face and discuss the true meaning of life with friends here.

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alvindgreat1418 days ago

@jackyjacky Yes i know that. But maybe to his standards, he regard himself as a loser. Maybe he wanted more. That is how I view it. He is not contented. Or he just want to smack us in our face and feel sorry for ourselves.
I hope someone who said that would lose his job, even in his dreams. So he may know what it feels to be poor as hell.

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jackyjacky1418 days ago


Maybe he's not satisfied yet. As for your wish, me 2 . :-)

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alvindgreat1418 days ago

By the way, If you find it comfortable, do you have, by any chance earn that big chunk of money in just a month?
You may opt not to answer. Hehe

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jackyjacky1418 days ago

I have no any chance for that amount except to be robber . Maybe I'm jealous.

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ukgolde1417 days ago

I would just simply say this, money doesn't buy happiness, (I've been told!) and actually 'Failing' is good for you, makes you tougher, more resourceful and is a learning process. Education is priceless right? :-)

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aidenstone1288 days ago

Jackyjacky, one never can really know why people ask questions such as that! But yes, it's worth sharing! All that I can say is that if you (yourself) finds that monthly income in your own future, you can reflect and have a good laugh at the question!

Good forture!

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