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Is it good to do sports in the morning without having breakfast? Reward $2
Created by christine, 1965 days ago, 2793 views

I have no time to do sports but morning. There are plenty of advantages for morning exercise. But there comes a question of when to have your breakfast. Eating breakfast helps you manage your weight and meet your daily nutritional goals, so you shouldn't skip breakfast to work out. Is it good to do sports in the morning without having breakfast?
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SetupComputer1965 days ago

@christine ,

I would suggest you to take a light breakfast before you do any exercise, then eat the other half of your breakfast after you exercise. It is not good to workout without anything in the stomach (though my fiancee do), and after a workout you will crave for something. Drink sips of water at regular intervals, but don't drink too much at one time. Don't ever get your stomach to full before exercising.


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AmericanDawg1965 days ago

Good Morning - @christine
In the last year we have had some new studies released suggesting that breakfast is not the most important meal of the day .
We have been taught all of our lives that it is , so I provided a few links for you to help come to an informed decision.

New research suggests that Breakfast might NOT be the the most important meal of the day after all.

Breakfast Downgraded From 'Most Important Meal of the Day' to 'Meal'.

Breakfast may not be the day's most important meal

Have a great day !

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azzromyo1965 days ago

Hi @christine
i want you read this :

hope this helps

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ZzMrXzZ1965 days ago

Read this one:

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alvindgreat1965 days ago

Hi @christine.
Don't get offended but I think my answer has some sort of sense one way or another will help you in your concern.
I do have sex as a morning habit, almost everyday when I have the chance.
I guess passionate sex before breakfast is a lot more better than any other sports routine you may try before having your meal.
Sex also helps you burn a lot of calories and is way more enjoyable too than any other morning exercise.
There were also a lot of health benefits in having sex, no need to elaborate that. PLUS, your appetite and happy hormones is intensified by having such a passionate morning romance.

I suggest that you don't skip your breakfast too. It is the most important meal of the day to keep yourself going for the entire day.

I hope it helps.
Give me a beep.
Have fun @christine; stay sexy and fit.

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Olpers1965 days ago

Yeah it is good and healthy to do exercise/workout than eat breakfast,
(its in my routine )

Do Gymnasium/pushups or any other sports that makes you tired and then eat healthy breakfast.

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igor1965 days ago

Is it good to do sports in the morning without having breakfast.If you eat at night...

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kinzy20041965 days ago

take something juicy fresh and fat free. A couple of apples and a fresh juice then start your morning exercise it will help you burn your calories and give you power for exercise

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christine1964 days ago


thanks. but if I eat something before exercising, I will feel stomachache especially running.

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christine1964 days ago


Really? New idea!

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christine1964 days ago


sounds great, and I will try later.

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alvindgreat1964 days ago

@christine There is no harm having morning exercise before breakfast. I always have morning running everyday beforr having my breakfast. And it also helps you in keeping your metabolism normal.
Just always make sure that you never skip breakfast.
I'm doing it everyday so I recommend it to you.
Stay sexy and fit.

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SetupComputer1964 days ago

@christine ,

Maybe that's why my fiancee prefer an empty stomach before an exercise. Although personally, I prefer to have something in my stomach since I have a fast metabolism.


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ha141964 days ago

I was doing it when i was at the university, i used to wake up at 5oclock in the morning then jogging for at least 30min. jogging 30-60 minutes may not require any additional carbohydrate.=, but for longer then maybe depending on your physical condition a small breakfast is required.

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renegade1231964 days ago

would you start an engine without oil?- at least a pep me up drink like blended hemp seed -yogurt- banana-

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ahmadzamru1964 days ago


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docspaugh121962 days ago

There are definitely many opinions around this, all with some scientific backing on what is 'best'.

Many fitness competitors, bodybuilders, and those looking to get as lean as possible for a contest will use some fasted exercise in the morning. Anecdotally, it has helped many people to break through fat loss plateaus and lose even more body fat.

There was a study done just last year by Brad Schoenfeld that showed that working out before eating didn't necessarily burn more calories than working out after eating, yet it did burn more fatty acids as fuel.

The other benefit of exercising and even delaying your first meal altogether is the concept of 'autophagy', which means that our body can use the time of not eating to 'clean up' its bad cells. You can think about it like this: we are either eating and building up, or we are fasting and breaking down. Yet that breaking down component means keeping our cells healthy by taking out the cellular trash. This includes ridding out bodies of cells that aren't growing correctly or have some sort of defect that we need to take care of.

So yes, there are benefits to exercising before eating. Is it best for performance? Maybe not. Is it a valid option for trying to reach a level of more optimal health? There is quite a bit of research that says 'YES', it very well might be.

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DY1889 days ago

try to eat yoghurt or fruit before you start

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