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What color do you wish you hair is? Reward $5
Created by jackyjacky, 1345 days ago, 2082 views

blond, black ,brown, or grey? lol
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alvindgreat1345 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky.
I WOULD WANT my hair to be naturally orange/yellow in color. Anime heroes have those hairs.
See it for yourself below (photos from the internet).
Here is the hero anime from Naruto

Below is from DragonBall Z

If I would have such hair color, plus my naturally athletic body, I would look like a super hero. I would have a unique and great fanbase wherever I go. That's a great way to live your life.
I will be unique too in every way.

Have fun @jackyjacky

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azzromyo1345 days ago


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Olpers1345 days ago

and reddish

There is a maid who comes at my home, her son has got naturally reddish hair. Maid told me that by working alot in farm her son's hair color has been changed. I loved his hair :)

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ryanaxis1345 days ago

its good to be hair of gold :)

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SetupComputer1345 days ago

I think grey hair would look great and sexy to me, since I have a good physique.

Muscles + Grey Hair = Wolf-like oozing appeal... LOL!!!!!!


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ZzMrXzZ1345 days ago

I like twinkle grey, looks like a night sky

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AmericanDawg1345 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky
RED Hair !
Red hair occurs naturally in 1–2% of the human population so this is a way to stand out in a crowd.

Thanks .

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igor1345 days ago

I prefer the color of the rainbow.

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Saskia1344 days ago

My hair is very long, all the way to my waist. I am brunette by birth but I always wanted to have blueish black hair with at the left front side of my face a royal blue curl. I wanted this since I was a small child, but never did this. Maybe because out of shame? I don't know. But now I'm allmost 51 years old and I colloured my hair naturally blonde. Something else indeed! Hahaha!!!

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jfssr1344 days ago

oh, that`s a good queston..
since i`ve started change my hair colour at 9, I know what it`s like to be black, blond, dark and light brown - kinda tried many things. had ice-light bangs with chocolate, even was violet and scarlet-like:

now, I`m trying to grow my natural light-grey hair, cause I`ve started to like it so much. I thinks in gets lighter every year, I swear =\

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fahadjee41336 days ago

black , it is because black is a netural color .

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jackyjacky1330 days ago

hahaha, It's really amazing dream. I suggest you to buy a wig like that and wear it when travel cos nobody knows you there. If you think it's not a bad idea, pls reward me 2$. :-)

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jackyjacky1330 days ago


I'm sorry for that you could not make the color as you want. Although I'm really curious about those eye popping colors , I think I have no courage to have them.

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jackyjacky1330 days ago

really interesting. Thank you for sharing with us. lol

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alvindgreat1330 days ago

Thanks @jackyjacky.
I never expected you would like an anime-like hair color, like Naruto and Goku.
Thanks a lot.
High five!

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ashleysummer1321 days ago

I`m in love with all shades of brown.
Ash brown like here is really stunning!

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